Looking back to 2017: one year of flights

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Looking back to 2017: one year of flights

Post by sn26567 » 26 Dec 2017, 21:50

By my standards, a rather quiet year. All in Europe. My age taking its toll?

A total of 41 single flights, more than the 25 of 2016, but a far cry from the 100+ I was flying yearly during part of my active business years.

New country: Lithuania
New airports: Vilnius, Gothenburg, Billund, Belfast BHD, Bilbao, Mahon, Ibiza, Nantes
New airlines: Norwegian International (D8), the new VLM (VO/WLM)
New aircraft types: Sukhoi SSJ100, Bombardier CRJ1000

Best flights: CPH-BRU on SN Avro ARJ100, NTE-AMS on Hop! CRK
Worst flight: BCN-BRU on VY A320
Memorable flights: Image

Looking forward to a new year of flying (but nothing booked yet: I am afraid to leave home due to poor health of my wife :( )

And anxious to read your own "annual reports" :)

Note: an underlined link means that you can read the trip report!
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cathay belgium
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Re: Looking back to 2017: one year of flights

Post by cathay belgium » 27 Dec 2017, 00:23


I made a personal record in number of flights this year : 105 ( all non work related ;) )..

New countries I've visited : China,Panama,Moldova,Peru,United Arab Emirates,Oman,Belarus and with two noticable special regions Svalbard and Transnistria. ( Jordan but just in transit, don't count for me )

New airports : UME-GDN-PEK-PTY-CWL-VLY-KIV-LIM-AQP-CUZ-NZC-PCL-TPP-VCE-DXB-AMM-LYR ( most northern possible !)-CDG-DTW-MSQ-SOF- Ursel & Zutendaal ...

New aircraft types : B767-400,CS100 ( best ),J41,B789,Bell 206 B2 Jetranger, KA7 Schleicher Glider,BAE146-300

New airliners : TF-T3-LA-9U-AV-P9-QF-2I-RJ-OK-AF-B2-EW-FB

Best flights : Lufthansa FRA-PTY on A343-300 Lufthansa Cityline
Worst flight : United BRU-EWR on B767-400

Memorable flights :
* Best catering Lufthansa FRA-PTY , best service and friendly crew by far this year ! ( 2nd place AIR FRANCE )
* Swiss CS100 a plane that looks and feels good !
* Subsidied flight by UK government ! CWL-VLY on Eastern J41 ! :) Thanks UK !
* 5th freedom of the year MAD-FRA on LATAM B789
* SN's AMARE and RACKHAM on 1 daytrip to BCN !
* My first glider experience ... will go for more... a real new remarkable experience !
* NAZCA-flight in Peru , where history and avgeekness meet :)
* LONGYEARBEN... not only the most northern airport in the world but also a dream come true !
* KLM Last day of Fokker 70 flight
* My first B737-800 SCIMITAR wing... looks good but that all ( for me )

So I really gonna miss 2017 avgeek-wise...

Next year will be much less flying but not less remarkable I hope !

USA-CANADA-JAPAN-CHINA-BRASIL-SENEGAL-UKRAINE-ANTONOV140-CS300-B1900D and EDELWEISS are already written as booked in my agenda now so guess it will be less but not less interesting ...

Let 2018 begin ! ( but not before I wishes everybody here a warm,healthy,up-in-the-air year for themselves and your loved ones ! )

New types flown : A223,AN24,AW139,B737MAX8,B763nonER,DH Dragonrapide,EMB110 Bandeirante, Shorts360,Autogire MTOsport2010

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Re: Looking back to 2017: one year of flights

Post by MSS658 » 28 Dec 2017, 00:28

TOTAL flights: 49

New Airlines:
Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, Atlantic Airways, Thomas Cook Belgium, Iberia Express, Eastern Airways, bmi Regional, Austrian Airlines/airberlin, albawings, TAROM, Blue Air, Air Canada Express (Exploits Valley Air), Porter Airlines, Eurowings (Germanwings)
Others Include:
Norwegian Air Shuttle, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, KLM Cityhopper, Austrian Airlines, SWISS International Airlines (Helvetic), SWISS Global Airlines, SWISS International Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada Express (Jazz), Delta Air Lines, Delta Connection (Endeavour), American Airlines, Turkish Airlines

New Types:
Boeing 787-9, Jetstream 41, EMB-135, CS 100, Boeing 747-400M, Beach 1900D
Others Include:
Boeing 737-800, Airbus A319-100, Airbus A320-200, Airbus A340-600, Airbus A321-200, Avro 100, Fokker 70, Boeing 767-300ER, Boeing 737-500, EMB 190, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-400, Dash 8-400, MD-88, CRJ-200, Airbus A330-300

New Airports:
Vagar, Southampton, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Tirana, Bucharest, Moncton, Halifax, Wilmington
Others Include
Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels, London LHR, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Newark, New York JFK, Berlin TXL, Paris CDG, Stockholm BMA, Palma De Mallorca, Madrid, Vienna, Florence, Zurich, Chicago ORD, Toronto YYZ, Toronto YTZ, Atlanta, Charlotte, Istanbul


01: Norwegian Air Shuttle DY3540 Copenhagen-Amsterdam B738 LN-DYE Y 21F
27: British Airways BA0391 Brussels-London LHR A319 G-EUOE Y 13F
27: Virgin Atlantic VS0041 London LHR - San Francisco B789 G-VYUM Y 66K
29: Virgin America VX1946 San Francisco - Los Angeles A320 N284VA Y 18F
29: Virgin America VX0166 Los Angeles - Newark A320 N853VA Y 22A
30: Virgin Atlantic VS0010 New York JFK - London LHR A346 G-VGAS Y 34K
31: British Airways BA0396 London LHR - Brussels A319 G-EUPJ Y 21A

08: Brussels Air Lines SN2587 Brussels-Berlin TXL A320 OO-SNH Y 28F
11: Brussels Air Lines SN2592 Berlin TXL - Brussels A319 OO-SSQ Y 10F
31: SAS Scandinavian Airlines SK0566 Paris CDG - Copenhagen A321 OY-KBK Y 22A
31: Atlantic Airways RC0459 Copenhagen - Vagar A320 OY-RCG Y 17F

02: Atlantic Airways RC0450 Vagar - Copenhagen A320 OY-RCG Y 22A
02: SAS Scandinavian Airlines SK0559 Copenhagen - Paris CDG A320 OY-KAM W 06A

31: Brussels Airlines SN2303 Brussels-Stockholm BMA RJ1H OO-DWD Y 05A
31: Brussels Airlines SN2308 Stockholm BMA-Brussels RJ1H OO-DWD Y 18F

01: KLM Cityhopper KL0919 Amsterdam-Southampton Fk70 PH-KZU Y 16F
02 KLM Cityhopper KL0920 Southampton - Amsterdam Fk70 PH-KZP Y 16A

16: Thomas Cook Belgium HQ 1634 Brussels-Palma De Mallorca A320 OO-TCV Y 20A
17: Iberia Express I2 3917 Palma De Mallorca - Madrid A320 EC-JSK Y 31A
17: British Airways BA 0457 Madrid - London LHR B763 Y 37A
17: British Airways BA 1312 London LHR- Aberdeen A320 G-EUYU Y 24F
19: Eastern Airways T3 4031 Aberdeen - Newcastle JS41 G-MAJT Y 02C
19: bmi Regional BM 1107 Newcastle - Brussels E135 G-RJRJ Y 12A

02: Austrian Airlines OS 0354 Brussels - Vienna A319 OE-LDF Y 22A
02: Austrian Airlines/ Air Berlin OS 0849 Vienna - Tirana A320 D-ABZB Y 14A
05: Albawings 2B 0267 Tirana-Florence B735 ZA-AWA Y 2F
09: SWISS International Air Lines / Helvetic LX 1675 Florence - Zurich E190 HB-JVM Y 28A
09: SWISS Global Air Lines LX 0788 Zurich- Brussels BCS 100 HB-JBH Y 16F

06: TAROM RO 0374 Brussels-Bucharest B73G YR-BGF Y 21F
08: Blue Air 0B 0123 Bucharest - Brussels B734 YR-BAS Y 18F
25: SWISS International Air Lines LX 0787 Brussels-Zurich A320 HB-IJO J 08F
25: SWISS International Air Lines LX 0970 Zurich-Berlin TXL A321 HB-ION J 05F
26: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines KL 1818 Berlin TXL - Amsterdam B738 PH-BXD Y 21F
26: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines KL 0611 Amsterdam- Chicago ORD B74M PH-BFR Y 44K
26: United Airlines UA 0843 Chicago ORD - Toronto YYZ A320 N443UA J 03A
27: Air Canada Express/Jazz AC 8934 Toronto YYZ - Moncton DH4D C-GJZC Y 18A
27: Air Canada Express/Exploits Valley Air AC763 Moncton - Halifax B19D C-GLXV Y 9A
Via Rail Halifax - Montreal

Via Rail Montreal-Toronto
01: Porter PD 0145 Toronto YTZ - Newark DH4D C-GLQD Y 15A
02: Delta Air Lines DL 1089 Newark - Atlanta MD88 N904DL Y 34E
02: Delta Connection/Endeavour Air DL 3319 Atlanta-Wilmington CRJ2 N8907A Y 13A
05: American Airlines AA2092 Wilmington - Charlotte A319 N749US F 2A
05: American Airlines AA1946 Charlotte -Chicago ORD A321 N508AY F 4A
05: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines KL 0612 Chicago ORD - Amsterdam B74M PH-BFC W 16A
06: KLM Royal Durch Airlines KL 1825 Amsterdam- Berlin TXL B738 PH-HSD W 06A
06: Eurowings/Germanwings EW 8102 Berlin TXL - Brussels A320 D-AIQK W 10F

01: Turkish Airlines TK 1822 Paris CDG - Istanbul IST A333 TC-LOE Y 35A
01: Turkish Airlines TK 1077 Istanbul IST - Tirana B738 TC-JHZ Y 19A
05: Turkish Airlines TK 1074 Tirana - Istanbul IST B738 TC-JGK Y 13A
05: Turkish Airlines TK 1827 Istanbul IST - Paris CDG A333 TC-LND Y 17K


BRU-LHR BA/A320 (cancellation by BA)
BRU-LHR BA/A320 (rebooking by me due to only having 30 mins between this and my VS flight)
EWR-LHR VS/A333 (cancellation by VS)
TXL-BRU SN/A319 (cancelation due to strike in TXL)
VIE-TIA OS/A320 (Changed from operator Austrian Airlines to Austrian Airlines By Air Berlin)
AMS-TXL KL/E190 (Changed from operator KLM Cityhopper to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines )
TXL-BRU SN/A319 (Changed from operator Brussels Airlines to Eurowings By Air Berlin )
FLR-ZRH LX/AR1 (Changed from operator SWISS Global Airlines to Swiss International Air Lines by Helvetic Air )
ZRH-BRU LX/CS1 (Cancellation by LX)
BRU-ZRH LX/CS3 (Changed from operateor from SWISS Global Airlines to SWISS International Air Lines )
ILM-CLT AA/CR9 (Changed from operator American Eagle by PSA to American Airlines)
TXL-BRU EW/319 (Rebooked by myself to earlier SN flight)
TXL-BRU SN/319 (Rebooked myself back on the later EW flight due to schedule change on the earlier SN flight)

Best flight: Atlantic Airways: Vagar - Copenhagen
Worst flight: Albawings: Tirana - Florence

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Re: Looking back to 2017: one year of flights

Post by quixoticguide » 07 Jan 2018, 01:24

A calm year for me, only 26 flight.
New Country: Monaco
New airports: STN, NCE, MCM, DME, IJK
New Airlines: I8, QM
New aircraft types: Yak 42, CS100

Visit my flights on: http://www.quixoticguide.com

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Re: Looking back to 2017: one year of flights

Post by Comet » 12 Jan 2018, 11:12

Four flights for me in 2017 - and a few "firsts".

I had my first flights on KLM. My first flights via AMS. My first flight to Warsaw Chopin (though not my first visit to Poland). My first flights on a Boeing 737 with winglets (the 700 and the 800 variants).

This year I have one definite "first" - my first flight from Edinburgh and another "first" which I am hoping for - my first flight in an Embraer 190.
Sabena and Sobelair - gone but never forgotten.

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