Russian-Built Airliner Experiences

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Post by abishay » 11 Nov 2005, 08:08

HMMM :arrow: Can i ask when you people talk about flying a russian plane do you mean real world or flight simulation :roll: :roll: i kind of dont get it. so you are all real world pilots? :?: :lol:

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Post by an-148 » 11 Nov 2005, 10:16

Yak42D from Skopje (Macedonia) to Istanbul (Turkey) and back. (Company: Aviogenex). Very pleasant flight, because of the rear engines, low cabin noise. Landing gear with pulled wheels: smooth landing!
Yak42D is a lot slower than Tu154 but the Block to Block difference is not noticeable on short or middle haul flights.
Also in SKOPJE IN 1995: on the copilot seat of an AN2 climbimg for paradrop: very exciting plane (full flaps speed for landing is as slow or feels as slow as if it would be an UL stall speed!!!!
Also in Skopje in 1995, own type rating on (former) Yugoslav trainer UTVA 75: very very sensitive stick!!! Cessna planes feel like trucks in comparison!

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Post by twinsen » 08 Dec 2005, 20:06

In the near future, I might be frequenting Moscow a few times per year. I've "narrowed down" my choices to either SNBA or Aeroflot. Aeroflot seems to be a lot cheaper, which is very convenient for young gents (like myself ;)). µ

The thing is, that Aeroflot isn't really known as a very reliable company.. Some people even joke with it, they tell me I don't need a return ticket when flying Aeroflot. I - however - don't find it very funny.

My question now, is: does anyone have any experience with Aeroflot? I'm talking about the state of the planes, service, waiting, ....

Any comments or advise is greately appreciated!

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Post by twinsen » 23 Dec 2005, 10:09

jef_tupolev wrote:More then 20 times Tu-154 (Aeroflot, Balkan, Air Via, Pulkovo and last summer IranAirtour.

4 Times IL-86 (Aeroflot, Pulkovo)

Aeroflot is nowadays a good and reliable company.

Service in Europe is better then KLM. (Meals etc.)
Thank you for the information! So Aeroflot it will be..

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Post by Sabena320 » 23 Dec 2005, 13:16

I once flew on a TU-154 from Air Via on the route: Varna-Brussels

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