LJU-ZUR-BRU with Swiss: 20 Dec

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LJU-ZUR-BRU with Swiss: 20 Dec

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As it seems according to Andre’s message in the section on to be discontinued flights, this LJU service of Swiss is about to be stopped, here is a brief review of my flight from December 20th .
I am then one of the last customers to fly that route even though it is to my knowledge only 1 year Swiss is flying directly to LJU. This will mean Adria will be the only one to plow the route from 2016.

LX2277 from Ljubljana to Zurich with scheduled departure at 14.00 would leave with some delay due what is called ‘late arrival of the incoming flight’. This flight is always executed with an Avro. I always try to sit on the left in an avro as there are only two seats (at least on LX or SN) either near the front or near the back (space for luggage is limited where the wings are). This time 4A, window seat
The airport is not busy on this Sunday. Anyway the terminal is so small that when a couple of flights depart simultaneously it is over-crowded, probably some expansion is needed. Check-in from counter 12 for a short bus ride to the aircraft passing two parked Germanwings A319s near the Adria Technics company (recently privatised), probably there for a check-up. Adria is also up for sale.
The flight is a bit delayed as it was supposed to leave at 14.00. We are greeted by the purser. I would ask her later about the new Bombardiers, yes they come next year but to her an avro or a Bombardier it is all the same.

Engines on at 14.18 with a leisurely stroll to the take-off spot for a take off at 14.27 leaving foggy LJU behind us.
Foggy LJU
Foggy LJU
Barely in the air, and we already leave the fog behind us and are greeted by nice sunshine
Above the fog/clouds
Above the fog/clouds
There are no business passengers and in total we are only 36. A small snack is served. Instead of the usual ‘Swiss made’ sandwich today it is a mandarine and some biscuits…
Small snack
Small snack
Usual chocolates were given

Touchdown in sunny ZUR at 15.22 so almost on time as scheduled arrival time was 15.20, again a bus to take to the terminal. Upon leaving the aircraft we are waved off by the purser and also one of the pilots which is common these days at Swiss. All in all a smooth service on a short flight with nice views of the Alps covered limited amounts of snow
Our aircraft
Our aircraft
The connecting flight LX788 to Brussels was performed by an Edelweiss A320 aircraft whose interior was for the occasion decorated with Christmas stars! Nice touch

Load factor was very high, 90%+ of which 5 business rows.
Snack was a sandwich and a drink, for the remainder of the flight, I took a nap
The flight barely took 55 min, it took off with around 30 minutes delay, check-in was already late due to ‘late arrival of the incoming flight’ but in the plane we had to wait an extra 10 min due to ‘somewhat heavy outbound traffic’ according to the captain but given the usual margins we arrived only 5 min behind schedule
The checked-in luggage came quite quickly from belt 1, Christmas holidays could begin!
Edelweiss decoration
Edelweiss decoration

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Re: LJU-ZUR-BRU with Swiss: 20 Dec

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Thank you for this nice report (a first on a flight from LJU).

It looks like the schedules of LX are calculated widely to allow delays, often due to 'late arrival of incoming flight', an easy excuse to cover a large series of events...

By the way, the code for Zurich airport is ZRH ;)
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