BRU -> SIN, Brussels airlines to Heathrow

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BRU -> SIN, Brussels airlines to Heathrow

Post by cherdt »


I am planning a trip to singapore via London Heathrow. The flight London -> SIngapore is a British Airways flight operated bij Qantas. I want to take a brussels airlines flight to London. (I have 2,5 hours between the flights).

Now I wonder what will happen with my baggage, do I have to check them in again inbLondon Heathrow. And what will happen if I miss my British Airways flight to Singapore because of a delay of Brussels Airlines?

I know that in the past Brussels Airlines had some kind of commercial agreement with British Airways, but I don't know if that's still the case?

Any of you guys have experience flying Brussels Airlines to London for a connecting flight with British Airways?



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Re: BRU -> SIN, Brussels airlines to Heathrow

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It's always safer to have all your flights in one ticket. If for a particular reason you absolutely want to buy two separate tickets, in your case, it would probably be safer to fly British Airways to LHR since you will be connecting to a flight ticketed with a BA number.
If you fly with SN to LHR, I don't know if you can ckeck your luggage directly from BRU to SIN. It probably depends on whether BA and SN still have an interline agreement in LHR to provide for the direct transfer of luggage from an SN to a BA flight. Not sure. Remember both airlines are now in different airline alliances.
You should be able to get the relevant info from SN and/or BA, or maybe from another member on this forum.
My advice : buy a ticket which contains all your flights, or if you cannot/do not want to do that, fly BA to LHR in this particular case, even if you prefer SN.
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Re: BRU -> SIN, Brussels airlines to Heathrow

Post by SN1203 »

Air Key West is right: avoid troubles in case of irregularities and book your BRU-LHR in the same reservation as your LHR-SIN.

Why would you take this routing actually? It looks a bit strange to me to buy a LHR-SIN on BA operated by QF and a BRU-LHR seperately.

Whether you fly BRU-LHR on BA or SN: if it is a different reservation, they might through-check your luggage but you'll have to check-in again at LHR for the stretch to SIN. And in case your BRU-LHR is delayed or cancelled, you'll just be 'no-show' on the LHR-SIN stretch without Brussels Airlines or British Airways being responsible for your missed connection.

Just book everything in the same PNR (you can actually book BRU-LHR on SN and LHR-SIN on BA operated by QF in the same reservation) and you'll save yourself a lot of misery in case something goes wrong.

@Air Key West: it's not because Brussels Airlines and British Airways are in a different alliance that they don't have an interline agreement. Regular scheduled carriers actually have a whole bunch of interline agreements with all kinds of carriers (alliance partners, independent carriers,...).

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Re: BRU -> SIN, Brussels airlines to Heathrow

Post by regi »

It sounds so strange to me, but you must have had your reason to book the flights seperately.

My flight with Qantas to BKK from Brussels is also go and return to LHR with BA. ( booked together) I check in my luggage at BRU and see it back at BKK. With 1h55 hour transit time. OK for me.
I am quite confident that on the return leg my luggage will not appear at BRU but will be brought some hours later by a private courrier. As happened last time with Qantas.

I can heardly imagine that you booked so strangely because of price. I pay 512 euro to BKK. Go and return, all included. Also the flights to LHR.

One big differnce between you and me: you will enjoy the A-380 which is used on this route. I will "enjoy" the last days of the 18 year old B747-400 because the BKK route is not yet served by the A380. ( fingers crossed, maybe, just maybe? If that happens I will send Luchtzak a full travel report )

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Re: BRU -> SIN, Brussels airlines to Heathrow

Post by sn26567 »

regi wrote:If that happens I will send Luchtzak a full travel report )
Thank you for that! (If it happens, of course!)
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Re: BRU -> SIN, Brussels airlines to Heathrow

Post by cathay belgium »

sn26567 wrote:Thank you for that! (If it happens, of course!)
If else,If you have some spare time a report of the flight with B747-400 is also nice,
especially with some pics!
I think there are a lot of luchtzakkers which haven't travelled before with Quantas ( sure of 1 :mrgreen: ),
but I hope you get also the A380 ! ;)
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Re: BRU -> SIN, Brussels airlines to Heathrow

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I flew the same route, BRU-LHR-SIN and back on BA and Qantas earlier this year. I don't see what the advantage of taking the SN flight, except of ofcourse if you want to avoid the worlds most horrible sandwich, as served on BA's flight from BRU...

The Qantas A380 is great. Wonderful aircraft and I was pleasantly surprised with qantas service.

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Re: BRU -> SIN, Brussels airlines to Heathrow

Post by diamantaire »

Hi ,
Sorry to revive this old thread did not want to commence a new thread.
My flights for feb 2021 with ba : bru-lhr-dxb-lhr-bru got canceled .
I would like to know if I bought a ticket (1 itinerary) bru-lhr (sn) lhr-dxb (ba) will they check my bags all the way to dxb?

Thanx in advance for the replies

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Re: BRU -> SIN, Brussels airlines to Heathrow

Post by crew1990 »

No, you will have to to to the checkin again

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