Which aircraft have you flown? - Part 2

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Which aircraft have you flown? - Part 2

Post by blackhawk »

Because of a problem with the original topic ...

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Post by fokker_f27 »

Updated list.

ATR42-500 American Eagle/Continental Express/British Airways
Fokker F50 KLM Cityhopper
Fokker 70 KLM Cityhopper
Embraer ERJ-145 Continental Express/American Eagle
Bombardier CRJ-200 Delta Connection (ASA)
Boeing 737-200 British Airways
Boeing 737-300 United Airlines
Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
Boeing 737-700(no wl, with eyebrow) Continental Airlines
Boeing 747-200B/M/SUD KLM
Boeing 747-400 British Airways
Boeing 767-200ER Continental Airlines
Boeing 767-300 United Airlines/ Delta Air Lines
Boeing 767-400ER Continental Airlines
Boeing 777-200ER United Airlines
Boeing/Mcdd Md-88 Delta Air Lines
Airbus A340-300 Sabena/Lufthansa
Junkers Ju-52/3M Lufthansa (Berlin-Stiftung)
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Post by CTBke »

BMI A319 & A320
KLM F-50
VLM F-50
CityBird 737
Virgin Express 737
Sobelair 737
Easyjet 737 & A319
Cityflyer express ATR 42
Air Atlantis 737-200
Jetairfly 737-400
Lufthansa A320 & CRJ 700
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Post by JAFflyer »

Airbus 300: Iberia, Transaer (obo SLR), Lufthansa
Airbus 320: Iberia, Transaer (obo SLR), thomas cook, Lufthansa, Martinair
Airbus 340: Iberia
Avro RJ85/Bae146: SN, Cityjet
Boeing 727: Iberia
Boeing 737-300: VEX, Sabena (first flight ever)
Boeing 737-400: Jetairfly, Futura, VEX
Boeing 737-700: Continental, Transavia
Boeing 737-800: Ryanair, Continental
Boeing 747-300: Iberia
Boeing 757-200: Iberia
Boeing 767-300: Sobelair, Jetairfly
Boeing 767-400: Continental
CRJ 600: Iberia regional (Air Nostrum)
DC9: Iberia
DC10-30: Iberia
Fokker F50: VLM
MD87: Iberia
Beech 1900D: Great Lakes Airlines

Now that I see this list, it's quite a lot :)

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Post by Flybe »

Lets see:

Dehavilland Canada DHC8 Dash 8 - SAS
MD80 - SAS - Iberia
MD 90 - SAS
Avro (don't ask me which types, I have no clue) - SN
F100 - Austrian

A320 - Wizz Air
A319 - Austrian
A330-200 - Austrian

B767-300 - Austrian
B767-200 - Continental
B737 (various types) - CO - Air Polonia - Sobelair - etcetera
B757-200 Iberia

I think that's about it. Looking forward for my next Avro experience this summer.



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Post by Pinguin »

Jetairfly 737-400 - BRU-TFS
Iberworld A320-200 - TFS-BRU
Futura (Jetairfly) 737-400 - BRU-TBJ-TUN-BRU (EC-IOU)
Sobelair 767-300/ER - BRU-TFS-BRU
Sobelair 737-400 - BRU-FAO-BRU
Sobelair A300 - BRU-PMI
Virgin Express 737-?00 - PMI-BRU

that's it... :(

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Post by sunwing »

A319 - British Airways, easyJet
A320 - British Midland, Vueling
A321 - British Midland
A330-300 - Aer Lingus
A340-300 - Iberia
ATR42 - EuroLOT
ATR72 - EuroLOT
BAe146-200 - WDL (ipv Air Berlin)
B737-200 - KLM (gehuurd van Transavia), Ryanair
B737-300 - easyJet, Jet 2
B737-400 - KLM
B737-500 - LOT, SkyEurope
B737-700 - Transavia, easyJet, SkyEurope
B737-800 - Transavia, Ryanair
B747-300 - Iberia
B757-200 - British Airways, Icelandair
DHC8-300 - Widerøe
DHC8-400 - Widerøe
EMB 145 - British Airways, LOT, British Midland
EMB 170 - LOT
EMB 175 - LOT
Fokker 50 - KLM cityhopper, TTA
Fokker 100 - Air UK, British Midland
Jetstream 32 - LOT
MD82 - SAS
MD87 - SAS, Iberia
PZL104 Wilga 80 - Lalmi
RJ85 - Azzurra Air, Swiss
RJ100 - Swiss
Saab 340 - KLM cityhopper
Tu154 - Hemus Air

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Post by Ozzie1969 »

Do you really expect me to remember all that??? :shock:

Airbus 319
Airbus 320
Airbus 321
Airbus 330
Airbus 340
ATR 42
ATR 72
Boeing 737
Boeing 747
Boeing 767
Boeing 777
Embraer 170
Fokker 70
Fokker 100
Piper Navajo

Airlines I have flown :

Air France
Ansett Australia
Bangkok Airways
British Airways
Cathay Pacific
Cebu Pacific Air
Emu Airways
EVA Airways
Gulf Air
KLM Cityhopper
Malaysian Airlines
Philippine Airlines
Siem Reap Airways
Singapore Airlines
Virgin Express

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Post by Buzz »

B737-200 Ryanair
B737-300 Virgin Express
B737-300 Corendon
B737-400 Corendon
B737-400 Brussels Airlines
B737-800 Ryanair

A319-100 EasyJet
A320-200 Condor

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Post by Comet »

Boeing 707 - British Airtours and Cyprus Airways
DC-9 - Iberia
Boeing 747-100 - British Airways
Boeing 727-100 - Icelandair
Fokker 27 - Icelandair
Fokker 50 - Icelandair and VLM
MD-82 - Finnair
Boeing 747-400 - Air New Zealand
Boeing 767-300 - Air New Zealand
Avro RJ85 - Sabena and SN Brussels Airlines
Avro RJ100 - SN Brussels Airlines
Boeing 737-400 - Icelandair
Boeing 737-300 - Sabena
Boeing 737-500 - Sabena
BAe 146 - SN Brussels Airlines and Aer Lingus
Airbus A320 - Air France
Airbus A319 - SN Brussels Airlines and British Airways
Boeing 757 - British Airways
Embraer ERJ145 - British Airways Connect

I had several flights with some of those airlines so that list does not indicate number of individual flights, just types.
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Post by chunk »

Can't remember everything but.....this is roughly it:

Vickers Viscount - BA
HS-748 - BA
L1011-200 TriStar - BA, British Airtours, Gulf Air, Air Lanka
DC-9 - AeroMexico, Swissair, SAS
DC-10-30 - BCal, NWA, Malaysia Airlines
MD-80 - SAS, Continental, American Airlines
F27 / Fokker 50 - Air UK / KLM
Fokker 70 - Air France (regional), KLM
Fokker 100 - American Airlines, KLM, Air France
BAC 1-11 - BA, Dan Air, BCal
Saab 340 - OMV (?)
DHC Dash 8 - Wideroe
Bae 146 - Air UK, CityJet (Air France), FlyBE (British European)

A300 - B4(?) - Air France
A300-600 - Air France, Kuwait Airways, Qatar Airways
A310 - Swissair, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Kuwait Airways
A319 - BMI, NWA, BA
A320-100 - BA
A320-200 - Air France, BMI, Jazeera Airways, Air Arabia, BA, Gulf Air, Kuwait Airways, Qatar Airways, Aer Lingus
A321 - MEA, BMI, Qatar Airways
A330-200 - Emirates, Air France, Sri Lankan Airways, NWA, MEA
A330-300 - Thai Airways
A340-300 - Air France, Gulf Air
A340-600 - South African Airways

B727 - Continental
B737-200 - BA, Gulf Air, Southwest, Ryanair, British Airtours
B737-300 - KLM, BA, Southwest, Continental, Easyjet
B737-400 - KLM, Malaysia Airlines, BA
B737-500 - Continental, BA (i think), Braathens, Aer Lingus
B737-600 - SAS
B737-700 - Continental, Southwest
B737-800 - KLM, Ryanair
B737-900 - KLM
B747-100 - not sure but I think BA
B747-200 - BA, Continental, Singapore Airlines
B747-300 - KLM, Singapore Airlines
B747-400 - KLM, BA, Malaysia Airlines, South African Airways
B757-200 - Continental, BA, Mexicana, United, Monarch
B767-200 - Continental
B767-300 - KLM, BA, Gulf Air
B767-400 - Continental
B777-200 - BA
B777-200ER - KLM, Air France, Continental, BA
B777-300 - Emirates
B777-300ER - Emirates, Air France

CRJ - 200 - Comair (Delta), Air Canada
ERJ - 135 - Continental Express
ERJ - 145 - Air France (regional), BA (Cityexpress), Continental Express

So it looks liek I need to get the A318, A340-500 and nearly a full current set!
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Post by TUB001 »

Futura B734
Sobelair B734
Sobelair B738
Aegean B734
Jetairfly B734
Jetairfly B738
Jetairfly F100
Virgin Express B733
Virgin Express B734
KLM B744
Air Transat L1011
Jetsgo F100
Westjet B73G
Ryanair B738
Beech Super King Air B200 SkyService

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Post by jumpjet »

This is a test of memory and includes a number of names that have disappeared off the radar over the years...and probably some more that have disappeared from my mind...

Airbus A300 - Lufthansa, American, Monach, Orion, China Eastern
A319 - BA , BMI, Iberia, Easyjet
A320 - BA, BMI Iberia, Aer LIngus, Air Macau, Excalibur
A 321 - Aer Lingus BA, BMI
A330 - can't remember! but we went to barbados on a UK charter flight
A340 - 300/600 Gulf, Virgin, Iberia
Antonov An26 - Aerogaviota
BAC 1-11 British Caledonian, Buzz, DanAir,BA, EXcalibur
BAC HS 748 - DanAir
BAE 146/RJ85/100 - Danair, Flybe, Jersey European
BAE jetstream 41- Eastern
BAE ATP - Loganair, MAnx
Boeing 727 - Ansett, AeroContinente
Boeing 737 - various types - Air Europe, BA, Virgin Sun, Easyjet, Air France, Ryanair, VARIG, China Southern, KLM, SABENA, Qantas, El Al [white tail]Malaysian,Gulf,American, Britannia, Royal Air Maroc
Boeing 747 - classics and -400, BA, Qantas, VARIG, Air Canada [though that was on a Canadian plane shortly after it acqusition by AC] Virgin Atlantic, Malaysian, El Al
Boering 757 BA, American, Icelandair, Air Europe
Boeing 767 BA Qantas, United, American, Gulf,EL Al, Ethiopian, Air Canada
Boeing 777 BA, American, Malaysian
Dehavilland dash 8 - Flybe, Brymon, LondonCity{?}
Ebraer 135/145 - BMI and BA Connect
Fokker F50 - VLM
Fokker 70/100 BMI, Buzz,
Lockheed Tristar - British Airoturs
Macdonal Douglas DC10/MD 11 - VARIG
MAcdodnal Douglas DC(/MD80 range - Avianca, SAS, Iberia, British Midland
SAAB 2000 - Eastern
Short SkyVAn - Manx Air
Tupolev 134 - Aeroflot
Tupolev 154 - Aeroflot, XingJiang [and I am guessing at the spelling]
Vickers Viscount - Manx Air

.and a very sweet little float plane out of Vancouver Harbour but I didnt get the type.

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Here you go

Post by LY331 »

Airbus A300-600R :Thai Airways
Airbus A310-200 :Sabena
Airbus A319-100 :SN Brussels Airlines
Airbus A320-200 :Alitalia - Austrian Airlines - Iberia - Lufthansa
Airbus A321-100 :Iberia
Airbus A321-200 :Alitalia
Airbus A330-300 :Air Canada
Airbus A340-300 :Air Mauritius - Cathay Pacific - Sabena

Boieng 707-300 :Sabena
Boeing 717-200 :Bangkok Airways
Boeing 727-200 :Delta Airlines - Iberia
Boeing 737-200 :British Airways - Sobelair
Boeing 737-300 :Virgin Express
Boeing 737-400 :Virgin Express
Boeing 737-500 :bmi British Midland - Continental Airlines - LOT
Boeing 737-800 :El Al - Ryanair
Boeing 747-100 :Pan Am - Sabena
Boeing 747-200 :Lufthansa
Boeing 747-400 :Philippine Airlines - Thai Airways - United Airlines
Boeing 757-200 :American Airlines - Delta Airlines - El Al
Boeing 767-200 :Delta Airlines - El Al
Boeing 767-200ER :American Airlines
Boeing 767-300 :Delta Airlines
Boeing 767-300ER :American Airlines - British Airways - City Bird - United Airlines
Boeing 767-400ER :Continental Airlines
Boeing 777-200ER :British Airways - El Al

Douglas DC-9-30 :Eastern Airlines - Southeast Airlines
Douglas DC-10-10 :Pan Am

Mc Donnell Douglas MD-82 :Alitalia - American Airlines
Mc Donnell Douglas MD-83 :TWA
Mc Donnell Douglas MD-88 :Delta Airlines
Mc Donnell Douglas MD-11 :City Bird

Bombardier Dash 7 :Arkia
Bombardier Dash 8-100 :LIAT
Bombardier Dash 8-300 :LIAT

Bae Avro RJ85 :Lufthansa Cityline - SN Brussels Airlines
Bae Avro RJ100 :SN Brussels Airlines

ATR 72 :American Eagle - Brit Air

BAC 1-11 :Tarom

Canadair CRJ-700 :Lufthansa Cityline[/i]

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Post by Denmen »

A300 Onur Air (3x)
A320 Iberea
A320 Dutchbird
A321 Onur Air
B737-400 Jetair
B737-400 KLM
B737-800 KLM
B737-800 KLM (Transavia)
B737-800 Transavia (3x)
B747-300 Surinam Airways (2x)
B767-300 Jetair
DHC8-300 Tobago Express (2x)
Fokker 50 VLM (2x)
MD82 Surinam Airways (2x)
Cessna U206G Gum Air (2x)
S-61N CHC Helicopters
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Post by Gate-A1 »

B737-200 Aigle Azur
B737-300 Virgin Express
B737-400 Virgin Express / Luxair /RAM
B737-500 Luxair
B737-700 Axon Airlines
B737-800 Pegasus Airlines

I still miss the 600 and 900 :wink: The 100 series does not flies anymore.

MD80 Onur Air

A300B? Sobelair
A321 Onur Air, Constellation (leased from British Midland)
A330-200 Egyptair

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Post by luchtzak »

British Airways Boeing 737
Sabena Boeing 737-200 -300 -400 -500
Sabena MD-11
Sabena/Schreiner ATR 72 Dash 8
DAT Avro 85/100 BAe146
SN Brussels A319
Virgin Express Airbus A320 (EI-reg)
Citybird Boeing 737NG
Constellation Airbus A320
Cessna 152
Thomas Cook Airbus A320

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Post by regi »

Well Ozzie, Chunk and Ly seem also to be quite regular visitors to SEAsia. And they have the A310 on their list. Did you never take it inside Thailand , or with Biman?

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Post by chunk »

Actually Regi I haven't been in SE Asia that much - just Singapore twice and Malaysia 6 or 7 times. I got a Thai flight from Kuwait to DXB last year but the Singapore A310 was in the mid-80's sometime. I was young but I think it was SIN to Penang.

I have no intention of experiencing a Biman A310!!!! Other A310 flights were DXB to Zurich or Geneva in the mid 80's sometime on Swissair. I remember it cos the whole family got upgraded for some inexplicable reason. Emirates from DXB to London a few times on A310's in the early 90's. and around the Gulf more recently. Kuwait Airways I remember and maybe Air France (if they used them from DXB?).

Also - I vaguely remember being on a Singapore Airlines 757 - is that possible? Around 1985?

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Post by Ozzie1969 »

regi wrote:Well Ozzie, Chunk and Ly seem also to be quite regular visitors to SEAsia. And they have the A310 on their list.
I don't have the A310 on my list. :P

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