Where will you fly to in 2006?

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Post by C_J »

Brussels - Athens - Brussels (Olympic)
Brussels - Valencia - Brussels (Vueling, although not certain)

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Post by ILS25L »

Well, I start Sunday the 26th wih a trip to LHR but have to move on to the south for a congres. Midweek up to LHR direction another seminar till Friday. Than back to BRU. No holiday, no time for (big) spotting, just work ! Flights are with BA (A320 and A319).

On 07.03 a one-day return to BGY and this for spotting (Ryanair) !

In July a one day return to Vienna for spotting (Air Berlin from DUS) !

That's all for the moment.
Greetz, Karl

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Post by jamair »

it's sure now, on 13/03, Francfort-Addis Ababa-Bujumbura with Ethiopian ...

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Post by Timology »

just booked:
ADL-(KUL)-AMS (to KUL MH, from KUL KL)

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Post by EHAM »

Booked today:

08/08 AMS-OSL SK
08/08 OSL-STO DY
09/08 STO-HEL AY
10/08 HEL-AMS AY


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Post by vliegtuigfreak »

Juli --> BRU-JFK with American Airlines
August --> BRU-CUN with Jetairfly.

Sonny :wink:


Post by TUB023 »

Leaving at 16th juli

Departure airport: EBBR Brussels International (zaventem)
Arrival Airport: Phuket
Airline: Martinair
and coming back 1st of august :)

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Post by burner737 »

I've got some add some airlines to the list

1.BMI --> to EDI
2.VLM --> to MAN
maybe KLM to Abu Dhabi
and for 99,9999% Germanwings to ZRH again...

Regards Tim


Post by moons »


Here is some info about my flight to Berlin Tempelhof :

Tue 21/3 SN 2581 Dep: 9:40 Arriv: 11:10 (THF)
Sat 01/04 SN 2586 Dep: 17:15 Arriv: 18:40 (BRU)

One more question...

Is it possible to give the pilot a small piece of paper where he can write some flight info about speed, altitude, RWY,... ?
I saw this in some flight reports. So can someone give me an example of a good list? :) This could make my report better.


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Post by Comet »

31/03/06 NCL-BRU SN2188
02/04/06 BRU-NCL SN2189

04/09/06 NCL-BRU SN2188
14/09/06 BRU-NCL SN2189

24/12/06 MAN-LHR BA1387
24/12/06 LHR-BRU BA394
27/12/06 BRU-MAN BA1619

Those are all my booked and confirmed flights for 2006 :mrgreen:
Sabena and Sobelair - gone but never forgotten.

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Post by cessna152pilot »

British Airways

Denver - Heathrow
Heathrow - Pisa

Pisa - Heathrow
Heathrow - Denver

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Beirut, Beirut and again Beirut!

Post by BrightCedars »

Well, first flight of the year was in January flying BEY-MXP-BRU on AZ.

Next 1 or 2-week trip to relaxation will be early April again BRU-MXP-BEY and back on AZ.

Probably next Christmas another BRU-...-BEY time off.

Not much else planned or booked but I feel like I'm gonna add some funky trip to the plan at some point.

2007, if they still do BRU, I'll try EY to AUH and back. That's if the deal is sweet as the intended destination is closer to DXB/SHJ.

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Post by adpoca »

I have already flown this year:

1 Feb Reus-Dublin (Ryanair)
6 Feb Dublin- Stansted (Ryanair)
6 Feb Stansted- Valencia (Ryanair)

For the next months, I have booked the next tickets:

14 May Valencia-Dublin (Ryanair)
17 May Dublin-Valencia (Ryanair)

19 Jul Valencia-Berlin (SXF) (Easyjet)
27 Jul Prague-Barcelona (Sky Europe)
27 Jul Barcelona-Valencia (Iberia)

21 Sep Valencia - Palma Mallorca - Stuttgart (Air Berlin)
26 Sep Stuttgart - Palma Mallorca - Valencia (Air Berlin)

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Post by Ozzie1969 »

02 april Brussels - Frankfurt LH 4571
02 april Frankfurt - Singapore SQ 25
03 april Singapore - Manila SQ 72
unknown Manila - Cebu unknown
unknown Cebu - Manila unknown
21 april Manila - Singapore SQ 71
21 april Singapore - Heathrow SQ 320
21 april Heathrow - Brussels BD 157


Post by moons »


I was just looking for my flight to Berlin.

http://www.flysn.be/nl_be/information-s ... fault.aspx

When I click flight SN 2581 I get a window with flight info.
"Reseringsklasse" shows Business class. Is there no economy class on this flights? ( I don't believe this)

And what's the average load factor on these flights?

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Post by Avro »

Of course there is an economy class on that flight. I tried the link and didn't see the problem you encountered....

Try again.

Otherwise, I don't know where you live in Belgium but you can also take Air Berlin from AMS. They would certainly have very good fares.
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Post by Ozzie1969 »

Just finished flying these routes :

April 2 BRU (50°54'05"N 04°29'04"E) FRA (50°01'35"N 08°32'35"E) 304 km (Lufthansa)
April 2 FRA (50°01'35"N 08°32'35"E) SIN (01°21'01"N 103°59'40"E) 10285 km (Singapore Airlines)
April 3 SIN (01°21'01"N 103°59'40"E) MNL (14°30'31"N 121°01'10"E) 2372 km (Singapore Airlines)
April 5 MNL (14°30'31"N 121°01'10"E) TAC (11°13'39"N 125°01'40"E) 567 km (Philippine Airlines)
April 20 CEB (10°18'27"N 123°58'46"E) MNL (14°30'31"N 121°01'10"E) 565 km (Philippine Airlines)
April 21 MNL (14°30'31"N 121°01'10"E) SIN (01°21'01"N 103°59'40"E) 2372 km (Singapore Airlines)
April 21 SIN (01°21'01"N 103°59'40"E) LHR (51°28'39"N 00°27'41"W) 10888 km (Singapore Airlines)
April 22 LHR (51°28'39"N 00°27'41"W) BRU (50°54'05"N 04°29'04"E) 352 km (bmi)

Total : 27705 km

BRU DAFIF Brussels [National/Zaventem], BE
FRA DAFIF Frankfurt [Rhein-Main], DE
LHR DAFIF London [Heathrow], England, GB
SIN DAFIF Singapore [Changi Intl], SG
MNL DAFIF Manila [Ninoy Aquino Intl], PH
TAC DAFIF Tacloban [Daniel Z. Romualdez], PH
CEB DAFIF Lapu-Lapu [Mactan-Cebu Intl], PH

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Post by mm_akash »

Hope i will fly BKK, SIN

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Post by ketko »

06/28 BTS - KSC (Sky Europe)
06/28 KSC - BTS (Sky Europe)
07/05 VIE - CDG (Austrian)
07/05 CDG - NRT (Air France)
07/26 NRT - CDG (Air France)
07/26 CDG - VIE (Austrian)

I hope that ill take a lot of aviation pictures in japan... :)

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Post by JoeCanuck »

Good day. Here I sit in Ahwaz, Iran. I thought I’d add my latest.
Here's my latest journey;

Odessa, Ukraine (ODS)- Vienna (VIE) (Ukraine International (PS) 737-5?)
Vienna - Dubai (DXB) (Austrian (OS) 737-800)
Dubai - Kish Island, Iran (KIH) (Kish Air (Y9) F-50)
Kish - Tehran (THR) (Kish Air (Y9) MD-82)
Tehran - Ahwaz (AWZ) (Iran Asseman (EP) F-100)
Ahwaz – Tehran (Safiran (SFN) 737-300)
Tehran – Ahwaz (Eram Airline (IRW) Tu-154)

In the next few days, I’ll be flying out of here on, probably, yet another airline and/or plane then hopping a chopper to an offshore drilling rig. Surprisingly, it doesn’t add up to a lot of air miles. What a shame.

Have fun

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