Where will you fly to in 2006?

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Where will you fly to in 2006?

Post by earthman »

I think there should be a new topic called 'Where will you fly in 2006?'..

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Re: Where will you fly in 2006?

Post by luchtzak »

earthman wrote:I think there should be a new topic called 'Where will you fly in 2006?'..
Great idea ;-)

I don't know which destinations I will fly in 2006, but I will stick to the SN Brussels Airlines destinations in Europe, Tel Aviv and Casablanca ;)

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Post by Comet »

Same as in 2005, 2004, 2002, 2001,2000 - Brussels, Brussels and then Brussels! (in 2003 we flew to Antwerp, which I don't intend to repeat!)
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Post by Bob_Marcotte »

Only flight confirmed right now is to my beloved San Francisco in April :D

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Post by rares_dan »

My only confirmed flight is the return flight from ORY to BUD from 07/01/2005.
Probably somewhere in february-march will be several business flights to Italy(CLJ - MXP with TAROM and BUD - BGY, BUD - FCO or BUD - CIA with WIZZ AIR and SKY EUROPE).
I also intend to make a trip in Barcelona early in the spring. For this one I'm going to take SKY EUROPE BUD - BCN direct flight.

I'm not thinking yet for the summer and the autum 2006. For me those are far away.
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Post by earthman »

I only have a confirmed flight on jan. 2nd, WAW-AMS, with LO, on an E-170, which is the return leg of my trip. But I will probably fly back and forth a few times after that, most likely with KL on a 734.

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Post by DAT202D »

In 2006 i'll fly a lot...

London - Bangkok (airline not know yet, but probably Singapore, Emirates or Thai)
Bangkok - Chiangmai (Thai) and also alot of domestic flights in Thailand during my 1 year stay. Also a visit to Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodja and Vietnam is scheduled ;)


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Post by EHAM »

I'm thinking of AMS-CDG-MAD-CDG-AMS on KLM (AMS-CDG-AMS) and Vueling (CDG-MAD-CDG) but I'm not sure yet. I also have a flight to LHR in my mind.

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Post by fostro »

I will be flying BRU-ORD-DFW-ORD-BRU in February onwards to participate an AA course as part of my training with American Airlines. :D :D :D My first atlantic/long distance flight ever!!!

Besides that, there's a chance I'll make a citytrip to CPH in January. Then I'm considering SNBA! This will be my first time to CPH.

The rest of the year is still one big surprise, speaking of the 2nd part of it.

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Post by SAB021 »

In April 2006 I'm going on a trip to China with our school :P... I'm flying Brussels - Shanghai, either via Paris and China Eastern, or via London on British Airways, and two weeks later I'm flying back from Bejing to Shanghai and further on to Brussels (again via Paris or London) 8)


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Post by jamair »

for me, I will flight another time to Bujumbura, not like this year with KLM and Kenya Airways, but with Ethiopian ... it sure for this destination and another african flight will also to be made but the destination is for the moment not known ...

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Post by airbuske »

8/4/2006 BRU-MAD on IB
12/4/2006 MAD -BRU on IB

??/7/2006 BRU-VLC on VY !
??/7/2006 VLC-BRU on VY!

That's all for this year :(
Best regards,


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Post by Advisor »

Heathrow with a 6 month stop over at Bengurion as early as March.
Aum Sweet Aum.

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Post by eurojet »

30/12/05: LUX-LHR-CPT, on LG EMB-145 and SA 744
14/01/06: CPT-JHB-LHR-LUX on SA 738, SA 744 and LG EMB-145

Can't wait to leave... For the rest, the usual LUX-AMS-LUX on KL F50, and CRL-VLL on, yes you know ...

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Post by flywim »

Well probably I will fly on 28/08 to Vancouver:


with return on 11/09 out of Vancouver or Calgary:


still have to decide which trip i'll going to make :?



Post by TUB023 »

either to miami or back to jamaica, undecided yet

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Post by Comet »

After doing various comparisons, we decided that it would work out better for us to fly from Newcastle next year. That also has the added bonus that we might fly over where we live! I have seen many ARJ types flying over here and Newcastle is just up the coast a short distance by plane. So I am hoping that I might get some aerial shots of Scarborough in 2006 :mrgreen:
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Post by flyaway »

I hope I can still fly like others take the bus every day! :D
So for 2006: lots of destinations, depends on what's on my working scheme... :D
One destination I have never been to, and where I really would like to go: Riyadh...

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Post by thomascookie »

In april to salzburg with Austrian :lol: via VIE

and for the rest Cessna's 152 of BAFA for me during my ATPL training

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