Help debunk chemtrails

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Help debunk chemtrails

Post by Uncinus » 24 Apr 2011, 18:04

I run a web site called Contrail Science (, where I blog about contrails, and also attempt to debunk the various claims around the "chemtrail" conspiracy theory.

The chemtrail theory says that "normal" contrails quickly dissipate, and that the persistent trails are "chemtrails" which must have been deliberately sprayed for some reason (usually suggested as covert geoengineering, or sometimes spreading toxins, or altering the atmosphere for various bizarre purposes).

There are many variations of this theory. But in several the trails are left only by special unmarked planes, and/or by specific nozzles, and not the engines.

To help debunk this theory I'd like to unequivocally establish that regular aircraft on normal flights leave persistent contrails that come from the engine exhaust. Now of course in this forum there are many excellent photos of such planes leaving contrails. The marking of the plane are very clear (even down to the tail number sometimes), and the individual flight is often identified. That's great, however the photos only show the start of the contrail, and do not show if it persists or not.

What I think would really help lay this to rest would be a series of photos that include the superb close-ups like you have here, but also show the same plane at intermediate and wider angles, and for several minutes (or even hours) afterwards, showing the trail persisting and spreading. Ideally the wider angle shots would have some situational context, such as clouds or landscape, so that continuity could be established.

I'd then like to set up a page on that showcases these sets of photos, as a way of permanently debunking a good chunk of the chemtrail theory.

Anyone interested? You can email me at

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Re: Help debunk chemtrails

Post by PiperPA19 » 25 Apr 2011, 00:47

Why putting all your energy in that? You have good meanings, but some people will just never learn and stick to what they believe. People have admitted they made crop circles, the Santilli Brothers have admitted they faked the alien autopsy movie, but it is still all believed to be true by a lot of people.

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Re: Help debunk chemtrails

Post by TCskywatch » 30 May 2012, 03:37

No answer from Unicus ? why ?

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