Which telescope for Contrail Spotting

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Which telescope for Contrail Spotting

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Good Day,
First my name is Angelo and i'm from KLU, and i using a Nikon D7100.

Since 5-6Years ago i have spotted Contrails with this SkyWatcher, https://www.astroshop.de/teleskope/skyw ... ob/p,14976
I sold it then, and now i would again make Contrail Spotting.

Now my question is what is actual the best Teleskop to make Contrail Spotting (~1000€) ?
And what i need ?
I can remember i need this https://www.astroshop.de/barlowlinsen/t ... 2-/p,16731
and a adapter for my DSLR Nikon ?
is this all ?
Thanks :)

Ps.: sry for my bad englisch.

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