ANR 30/06/2020

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ANR 30/06/2020

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xxxx-0800 F2TH PHKPF
0945-1100 C25A OOACC
xxxx-1000 C25A OOAMR
1130-1500 LJ35 DCQAJ
1150-1300 C510 MIFFY
1200-xxxx C525 OOCCJ
1240-1300 GL5T VPCSB
xxxx-1315 SR22 N250CK
1600-1645 PC12 MARTY
1640-xxxx SR22 N250CK
1700-1745 C510 MIFFY
1715-1745 PC12 LXJFV
1720-xxxx C25A OOACC
1720-xxxx C510 OEFPP
xxxx-1730 CL35 CSCHB
1745-xxxx C25A OOAMR
1810-xxxx E50P PHCPI

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