CRL 30/06/2020

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CRL 30/06/2020

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0550-xxxx ABB A343 OOABE ex-FDF
0900-1005 —— C525 3AMSR
xxxx-1000 —— PC12 OOPCK
xxxx-1010 —— DA42 FGZJX
xxxx-1100 —— E500 DFBRS
1015-1100 —— PC12 FHJFP
xxxx-1105 —— SR22 N62KD
xxxx-1115 —— F16 BUZRD51
xxxx-1120 —— DA42 PHDFB
xxxx-1130 —— PC12 OOPCN
1150-xxxx —— DA42 FGZJX
xxxx-1210 SLM A343 OOABD
1400-xxxx —— DA42 PHDFB
xxxx-1500 —— PC24 OOMAP
xxxx-1530 —— PC12 OOPCI
1710-xxxx —— E500 DFBRS
1740-1830 PTA LJ40 9HAGV
xxxx-1830 FTL SW4 ECJIP

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Re: CRL 30/06/2020

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Air Belgium

ABE arrival this morning from FDF
ABD departure to AMS (SLM flight)

sorry very dark sky
ABE from FDF
ABE from FDF
ABD departure to AMS
ABD departure to AMS

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