BRU 22/05/2020

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BRU 22/05/2020

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xxxx-0220 SQP B738 URSQG
0655-1115 SQP B739 URSQK
1015-1630 C510 FHERE
1405-xxxx C25B DCHIP
1720-xxxx PC24 LXPCC

All my posted timings are local !

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Re: BRU 22/05/2020

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STA 13.00 C56X YU-PMK from BEG
STA 13.45 B763 ET-AWQ from SSG
STA 14.15 AZG653 B744 VP-BCR from GYD
STA 16.45 BAF94 FA7X OO-LUM from GWT
STA 20.10 JAF850F B788 OO-LOE from RUN

STD 10.00 BAF94 FA7X OO-LUM to ODE
STD 14.00 C56X YU-PMK to SZF
STD 23.30 B763 ET-AWQ to SSG

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Re: BRU 22/05/2020

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tangolima wrote:
21 May 2020, 23:37
0655-1115 SQP B739 URSQK
This club either way late, or significantly early, if it's EBBR, EBOS, EBLG, EGLL or whatever :? :lol:

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