BRU 15/10/2018

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BRU 15/10/2018

Post by Marcoz » 14 Oct 2018, 22:28

sta 04:20 GLF6 N887WT from KSAN
sta 07:55 GLF6 EC-LYK GES041K from LEMD
sta 10:40 FA7X OY-RAB MMD5013 from EKSB
sta 12:10 H25B VP-BNW CIG1671 from LFMN
sta 12:40 CN35 IRL253 from EGVN
std 13:00 FA7X MMD5013 to ESSA
std 13:10 CN35 IRL253 to EGWU
sta 13:10 C130 G-988 NAF22 from EHEH
std 13:15 H25B VP-VNW CIG1671 to LFPB
std 14:55 C130 G-988 NAF22 to EFRO
sta 17:10 C25C VP-BIB from LSZH
sta 18:00 CRJ2 9H-BOO AXY1506 from LSGG

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BRU 15/10/2018

Post by tangolima » 15 Oct 2018, 11:41


xxxx-1215 GLF5 N100HG
xxxx-1255 F2TH PHVBG
xxxx-1300 FA7X OYRAB
xxxx-1315 H25B VPBNW
1315-1555 NAF C130 G988 EBMB
1325-1355 IRL CN35 IRL253
1415-xxxx C560 DCAUW
1505-1635 E55P GKRBN
xxxx-1515 F2TH N101VQ
1615-1715 F2TH DBOBI
xxxx-1645 GLF6 ECLYK
1715-xxxx C25C VPBIB
1805-xxxx CRJ2 9HBOO
xxxx-1830 F2TH DBONN
2330-xxxx FA7X N906TF


All my posted timings are local !

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Re: BRU 15/10/2018

Post by HQ_BRU_Lover » 15 Oct 2018, 20:46

Saw an SN 330 (think OO-SFW) taking off 25R around 11.30 without retracting the gear. Checked FR24 and saw it continued to its destination (Africa). Gear overheated?

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Re: BRU 15/10/2018

Post by KriVa » 15 Oct 2018, 22:08

Probably an inoperable brake unit, necessitating the gear to stay out longer until the wheels stop spinning, usually around two minutes.

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