EBKT 19/dec/2013

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EBKT 19/dec/2013

Post by jan_olieslagers » 19 Dec 2013, 22:40

Business took me to the Belgian Far West today, and I thought to have lunch at Wevelgem airport (sic!) and have a look at the current situation. What was my surprise to be turned away from the terminal, for undisclosed reasons, by one of the most courteous policemen I ever met. The reason soon became obvious: while turning around, I saw the Irish government Gulfstream parked, near the fuel pumps. The tiny apron was occupied by a larger plane, of which I could only see the whitish utter top of the empennage. I soon learned that politicians from UK and Ireland took part in some WW1 remembrance cermony, at the Tyne Cot cemetary where my godfather once worked as a gardener/caretaker. Pity I didn't see the UK PM's plane though, and can't even guess what type it was.

So off I went and had lunch at "Cafe Passe" still on the airport grounds - and heard the jets taking off, and saw all the blue flashlights driving off soon after. Took a stroll around afterwards, in spite of the nice weather there was little traffic. C182 G-01 came doing some circuits, as were a couple of local planes. A chopper took of, and also a microlight from Lambert, and a nice Beechcraft. A fine surprise was EC-GFK, an SA-226 that made a short appearance to deliver a single pallet of cargo - I couldn't help wondering what elusive and valuable cargo must be so urgent as to justify the cost of such a flight.

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Re: EBKT 19/dec/2013

Post by westwings » 24 Dec 2013, 13:40

jan_olieslagers wrote:Pity I didn't see the UK PM's plane though, and can't even guess what type it was.
It was a BAe.146, some photos on http://www.luchthavendagen.be/nieuws/19
Kristof Vandermoere

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