BRU 07/05/2011

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Re: BRU 07/05/2011

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Beside the pictures, You don't believe 3 people confirming it either?

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Re: BRU 07/05/2011

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Malaysia wrote:Beside the pictures, You don't believe 3 people confirming it either?
Can you please stop writing that I don't believe it? I do believe it. But contrary to you, I don't have access to airport systems and/or ATC information. So yesterday, just after the first post about a return, I've posted "flightstats advised an arrival on schedule". And some time later, when EBAW_flyer wrote about the return, I wrote "Jetairfly hasn't amended the arrival time of the return flight yet". So perhaps the PH-AHX was sent out to do the flight? Or perhaps OO-TUC had a very minor technical problem which was solved immediately = that no delay had to be announced.

The photo from the return came only after my posts. It's not fair from you to make it look like it was posted before my replies.

So far, you are unable to tell us what happened. Sick passenger? Technical poblem? Open door indication? Did they forgotten the coffee? Just waiting for AvHerald, I guess...

(by the way : there was also somebody else who asked "are you sure it returned?")

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Re: BRU 07/05/2011

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I can confirm for 101% that OO-TUC returned to BRU with a technical problem.

All my posted timings are local !

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