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Plane spotting forum rules

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Dear spotters,

We have come to the point where the forums are very big. To keep everything well organized and structured we need to all follow a specific structure for the topic titles.

During the last couple of months we've been trying out the system you all know by now, but the team has come to the conclusion that there is room for improvement.

Therefore we decided to simplify the rules, to make live easier for everybody.

Those are the new rules:

Rule #1:

Since splitting the topics wasn't really a big success, we would like to create ONE topic for each day for each airport. This means that pictures, logs, Expected and requests of the same day will all be posted in one and the same topic if they all have to do with the same airport of course.

We would ask you to follow the following steps when posting a log, pictures or requests :

--> Check in the forums whether there is already a topic of that specific day or not

--> If not create a new one with the following title

BRU 09/08/2005
OST 09/08/2005

Rule #2:

We would also like to encourage you to post your own logs, rather then only requesting the regs you missed, without posting your entire log. Try to post as many logs as possible. Other members could benefit from it. And members like Brubiac, 744rules and Pegasus would have a lower workload.
If you were not able to do a log and still have some request you can always ask for the requests, it's not forbidden, but please make a note in your message which says that you weren't able to make a log.

If you have any questions concerning the rules you can always mail one of the moderators or administrators of this site or post a topic in the website related forum.

We will all benefit from it if you all follow the rules correctly.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

The Spotters Forum Moderators.