LGG 16/04/2019

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LGG 16/04/2019

Post by wapo84 » 15 Apr 2019, 22:09

Etd0743 NPT4285 B738 G-NPTC
Etd0750 TAY4285 B734 EI-STN
Eta0756 ABD331 B744 TF-AMP
Etd0756 FDX6340 B752 N920FD
Etd0759 TAY095Y B734 OE-IAP
Eta0815 QTR8776 A332 A7-AFH
Etd0822 ICE775 B752 TF-FIH
Etd0836 ETH3750 B77L ET-AVT
Etd0838 TAY028P B734 OE-IAC
Etd0839 TAY083G B734 TF-BBH
Etd0840 QTR8174 B77L A7-BFL
Eta0850 ICL901 B744 4X-ICD
Etd0901 ETH3738 B77L ET-APU
Etd0903 QTR8134 B77L A7-BFB
Etd0903 FDX21 B77L N882FD
Etd0918 TAY5035 B738 OE-IMD
Eta0948 TAY818 B744 OO-THD
Eta1008 ETH3727 B77L ET-ARI
Eta1010 QTR8777 A332 A7-AFH
Eta1018 TAY815 B744 OE-IFD
Eta1521 WAKE41 C30J 135786
Etd1640 WAKE41 C30J 135786

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