[Comment] 2020 Ostend-Bruges Airport (OST/EBOS) latest news

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[Comment] 2020 Ostend-Bruges Airport (OST/EBOS) latest news

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sn26567 wrote: 17 Jun 2020, 23:28
ostair wrote: 17 Jun 2020, 21:24 Not (yet) picked up by aviation 24, wonder why not.

https://www.focus-wtv.be/nieuws/werkloz ... n-oostende
It was not yet picked up because we were unaware of this. But our article is available now:

https://www.aviation24.be/airports/oste ... d-airport/
Do me wrong but if its not BRU/CRL or LGG it doesn't matter, this site doesn't care about OST.
Pre or post Corona.

This "small" airport in the West of the country doesn't matter. Whatever they do.
It's a shame!

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Re: [Comment] 2020 Ostend-Bruges Airport (OST/EBOS) latest news

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We do care about any aviation news, in particular Belgian aviation news. Hence the monthly traffic figures of the different Belgian airports, including Ostend-Bruges Airport.

https://www.aviation24.be/category/airp ... nd-bruges/

What could have been the reason is that - due to extensive server works - the news wasn't picked up by us.

Please keep posting news in our forums, we do care about your feedback!

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Re: [Comment] 2020 Ostend-Bruges Airport (OST/EBOS) latest news

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Not to forget the daily information about air traffic at OST in our spotters forum!
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