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postings pics ...

Post by Novastar » 22 Jul 2011, 21:40


I just wanted to post a trip report and post pics that go with it, but to be honest after messing around for a while now I just can't get it right and I'm not into to mood to even complete the darn trip report...

why does the forum change the dimensions of the pics i'm linking to ? I cut down all the pics so they fit into the 800pix width requiremnt but even now when i post them the forum seems to stretch the pics in height... which I find annoying as they are widescreen size (793x445).

any advice ?
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Re: postings pics ...

Post by luchtzak » 27 Jul 2011, 00:00

Please accept my appologies for this late reply, I was away on a short holiday with my family ;-)

I just checked this topic: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=45409 where member rix uploaded the images inside the topic, those images are "placed inline" (this you can do after uploading the attachment and are size width 1306 px but cropped inside the topic to 600 px.

Does this reply helped you with your problem ?

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