Retrieving password

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Retrieving password

Post by Nat » 20 Jul 2007, 20:40

Erm... A funny thing`s happened to me on this website today :D
I`ve posted a comment and noticed that it appeared under another name, not Nat. Then i remembered that quite a long time ago a tried to register here, and i probably did (but didn`t post anything under that name), so recently i`ve registered again under a different name.

Then it occured to me that when i registered here for the first time i forgot my password and tried to retrive it. In order to send your pass the website offers to fill in two forms: your username and email address. But i didn`t remember my first username, and therefore i couldn`t get my password.
Here goes a question: what should do those who forgot not only their password but username also? To register under a new username? :jumpy:

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Post by luchtzak » 20 Jul 2007, 21:50

The e-mailadress that you used to register might help!

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