The same person?

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Post by Advisor » 03 Jul 2007, 06:40

IMHO if what fons suggests then this is not a good sign for our site.
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Post by SN30952 » 03 Jul 2007, 14:46

jan_olieslagers wrote:
Comet wrote:I'm not going to argue with anyone, but as far as IPs go, if two members lived in the same house and used the same computer, then they would have the same IP but not be the same person.
Quite correct, for most internet users. OTOH there are setups, mainly used by Linux machines, where one and the same person working from one and the same place and the same PC could have one IP one day and another the day after. So comparing IP-adresses is not a definite criterion, but is the best try for a site admin.
This was the advice I was given by some services:
Lure suspects, spammers and/or hackers to a 'friendly' website.
How? Via a link. If possible repeatedly.
There* ad hoc software records IP's and more.
Seems easy, but efficient they said.
Stealth IP's visit(ed) and used the link.
'The same person' was the lure. btw, The lure is as old as falconry. It works since ages, it worked again, of course.
Some 600 hits...
Advisor wrote:IMHO if what fons suggests then this is not a good sign for our site.
Are there people out there who want to hijack the forum? What could be their purpose? The webmaster maybe will find out?
*Not 'here' :lol:

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Post by Vinnie-Winnie » 04 Jul 2007, 01:26

hakan wrote:
luchtzak wrote:For everyone's interest I checked blackhawk and teach' IP they are different so it's a nono Fons!

Double nicknames are not allowed in the forums, in case of doubt the webteam always verifies via IP.
What are you going to about this whole scenario? Will you allow SN30592 to continue to damage the quality of this forum?
Hakan and all the others , SN30592 is a pillar member of this forum without him this forum wouldnt be so lively so shhhh... Once you contribute as much as him both in good and in bad posts then you can talk...

Outsmart him by your actions (posts) instead of insults that only make you look dumber...

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