What do you collect ? from airlines

Looking for a specific safety-card, an aviation magazine or a special aircraft model? Want to sell your stuff? Like to exchange with other members? This is the place for all your aviation hobby-related questions and answers!
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Post by Abale »

I am collecting Belgian female flight attendant uniforms. I started as show window dolls (mannequins) collector.
Now that I have the girls - they are about 40 -, I need dresses too. I got the idea of uniforms when I bought one mannequin which appeared later to wear a genuine 25 years old Sabena uniform.
I broadened later the scope to other Belgian airline companies so I have a larger scale of colours and styles. I don't want to create a museum, just keep the memory of present and disappeared airline companies.

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Post by YULover »

I'm surprised that so little people mentionned this but I do collect airline timetables :)
as well as all paper items (brochures, timetables, postcards, safetycards, magazines, promo items, etc.) related to aviation in the Arabic Peninsula (Emirates, Etihad, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Kuwait, Oman Air, etc.).

If you have such items in excess, let me know. I'd love to grow my collection and/or trade with you.

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Post by p.kritzinger »


I'm collecting:

safety cards
air sickness bags
herpa wings 1/500
1/200 plastic models

and I've some airline spoons, board magazines, airline timetables, overnight packages, postcards and stamps.

you can find my collection and tradelist on my homepage

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Post by a380man »

Nice collection of sick bags i have began to collect them to i have SNBA sick bag and Adria airways!I also have safty cards :lol:

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Post by skygg »

I am collecting metal airline spoons.

I have all kind of airline collectable (safety cards, sickness bags, postcards...) that I will be glad to swap in return to spoons.

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Post by stevie »

everithing that is loose on an aircraft

but most of all safetycards

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Post by Air_Lac »

metal spoons (getting rare :-( )
safety cards (+/- 200)
sickness bags (+/- 200)

and all kind of memorabilia...


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Post by 747man »


I have a collection off 72 scale models, 2 big models from

Sabena, each 60 cm long ( 1 airbus A330 + 1 MD11) and

61 shaback and sherpa models. I have also a flag from


Also pictures from Belgian airliners.

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Post by a380man »

I have a very young collection of sugar saches and safty card i also have a nice collection of sick bags!

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