What do you collect ? from airlines

Looking for a specific safety-card, an aviation magazine or a special aircraft model? Want to sell your stuff? Like to exchange with other members? This is the place for all your aviation hobby-related questions and answers!
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What do you collect ? from airlines

Post by chrishays27 »

Hello all,
I want to make a list of what other people collect from airlines

I personal collect
Airlines sickbags
Baggage Tags
And Salt N peper

if you would like to be on my site www.bag-hobby.com
Please send me a list of what you collect ! :wink:

www.bag-hobby.com UPDATED

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Post by Comet »

I have some baggage tags, inflight magazines, boarding passes, Icelandair playing cards, paper napkins (Sabena, VLM and SNBA), a salt and papper packet from SNBA, moist hand wipe from VLM and timetables from various carriers.
Sabena and Sobelair - gone but never forgotten.

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Post by Dasu »

Hi Folks !! 8)

I collect Airway Binders and FLightcases (With logo) !!
If you search or you have one double..pm me.

Regards to all
Dasu :wink:

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Post by yagoceron »

I collect anything from LH, from spoons to... well never mind...

I'd better don't say the things I got :D

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Post by Dude320 »

Euuh I just collect Scale Models 1/100 and 1/200 :)

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Post by vc-10 »

Model kits, none of which have been purchases on an aeroplane!

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Post by Advisor »

Well if you ask me whatever i can lay my hands on when im on the airplane and that too if it comes in my bag :wink:
Aum Sweet Aum.

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Post by fokker_f27 »

I collect Schabak models

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Post by Ozzie1969 »

Dude320 wrote:Euuh I just collect Scale Models 1/100 and 1/200 :)
Me too! I have 80 now, the last one being a Ryanair Boeing 737-800, which a colleague of mine bought for me on a flight from Charleroi to Prestwick (12 euros).

I find that prices for model airplanes on board tend to be outrageous. What do you think?

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Post by fokker_f27 »

Yeah! 5 pounds in England for a undetailed model!

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Post by KLM671 »

Okay, so let's see what I collect:

Safety cards: i have all KLM actual fleet + about 120 other safety cards from different airlines.

Magazines: i have all KLM Holland Herald magazines from 1999 to the last edition, i also have about 140 others from other airlines.

Miniature Models: i have a fast growing collection of Herpa 1.500 and Gemini 1.400, about 150 models all in all.

Pens: I have pens from about 20 different airlines, including KLM customer research cards and the little ones.

Forks, knives, spoons: i have about 20 klm kits, and many other airlines kits.

Ceramic cups and plates: i have KLM,CO,NW,AF,AC,AZ complete sets!

Pillow's and blankets: i have quite a lot of economy and Business and First class pillows and blankets.

I think it's all!


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Post by cessna152pilot »

I collect models, and currently have about 35. My grandparents collected spoons from Pan Am, United, Lufthansa, Continental, and Delta when you could still get metal ones. I have the collection now.

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Post by n5528p »

I started to buy fridge magnets from airlines - but not really as a serious collector, though I take them along when I see some.

Regards, Bernhard

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Post by speedbird1 »

Does anyone want to see my collection of recent Ryanair saftey cards...??? :wink:


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Post by a380man »

i collect modles and regs!

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Post by CTBke »

Hi guys,

i collect mainly safety cards (allready 215)
i also collect everything of citybird; safety cards, inflight equipment, clothes, ...

also have 3 catering trolleys and units of mainly again citybird and vlm, sabena, air belgium.

napkins, catering equipment, headrestcovers , ...

GRTZ ctbke

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Post by Piperapido »

I collect sugar bags.

Tomorrow is another day

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Post by FedEx »


I collect SkyMarks / Risesoon Models, i have 213 at the momment. I also collect airline lanyards which i have 45.

FedEx :)

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Post by David747 »

I collect schabak and gemini jet models. I recently got the 787 on Continental livery from gemini, its awesome, I'll put a picture of it soon :jump2: :mrgreen: :thumbsup2: :kvole:

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Post by star alliance »

Hi guys,

I collect miniature airplanes (Herpa 1/500), salt and pepper packets, suger packets, creamers and refreshing towels.

I have already 98 Herpa planes and three miniature airports.

Star Alliance

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