Starting pilot training or not?

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Starting pilot training or not?

Post by lucas »

Hi all!

Since many years, I am considering going to the CAE aviation academy in Brussels to get my ATPL license. But of course, the current COVID-19 crisis made me have a few questions that I wanted to be answered before I will decide wether I will really study for pilot or not, and I hope you can help me with this.

First of all, I am wondering what the effect of the crisis will be on the demand for student pilots. It was now, with the pilot shortage already not easy to find a job to build your first hours. With all these airlines announcing that they are laying off thousands of people, it will be even more difficult I think. This really makes me doubt if it is still worth it, although I am absolutely motivated to go for it!

Secondly, I have some questions about starting to study for pilot now already, or first going to university to get another degree. The reason for this is of course the consequenses of loosing the medical license at an older age, and thus not being able to fly anymore. Do you think that there are enough jobs withing the aviation sector that can be done with an ATPL license, or the eperience gained as a pilot. Then I'm thinking about giving lessons at a flight school, or operating flight sims there. Or would you recommend to first go to university to study something else. I have my doubts about this, as I really am not motivated to "loose" 4 or 5 years by going to university, and only after that starting at a flight school. Also, is this really usefull as I probably wont use this degree for the many years I hope to be a pilot.

I truely hope that some of you can exchange some experiences, opinions or other views on how to choose whether I should go for it or not!

All the best in these difficult times,


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Re: Starting pilot training or not?

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Not a pilot here,.. but guess it all depends on your banc account...
If you have to go to a bank for a loan in a time where pilots are made redundant by the hour in a falling down economy ... Think twice...
Maybe go for a degree and get your life started before to have to pay for an education which won't bring the money in return...

If you don't have to worry about money.. live your life and follow your dream ;)

Just my idea..

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Re: Starting pilot training or not?

Post by sn26567 »

My advice: get another university degree first, preferably in a scientific branch like engineering, and if you are still interested afterwards, get a pilot licence.
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Re: Starting pilot training or not?

Post by Sabena320 »

In 3 years time the aviation market will start in a golden era, but the question will be when new ab-initio's will be able to start the coming years. If I had to decide between starting training in september or starting education for a degree, I would go for the latter and do the training later.

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