US Blackhawk's above Brussels ??

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Sightseeing...? I was a lovely day today...!


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Is it not routine for US Military to stop over at Brussels enroute :roll:
Aum Sweet Aum.

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Post by SilverJET »

My brother in law, saw them too from his work near Woluwe. He said they were green and a bit larger than an average helicopter.

I hope anyone can give exact information.
Best Regards Raymond

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sn690 wrote:Yep those are they , see my picture --->
I would guess this might be SHAPE traffic, shuttling between NATO HQ in Evere and SHAPE HQ in Chievres.

In a (further) past I've seen numerous of these helicopters flying over the "Brusselse Oostrand".

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these are black hawks the seahawk got a bigger wheel in the back + the wheels in front are others (setting)

these went to chievres?


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Great , nice 'choppers' :P

Always welcome , a good blackhawk :P
Is it not routine for US Military to stop over at Brussels enroute
Indeed. Although , when the War in Afghanistan began 2001/2002 I saw multiple 'Blackhawks' (patrouilling --- or that's what it looked like) above the 'Kempen' (Westerlo). Really nice.

I even saw once a quite large formation (on low alt , guess about 1000ft) from a MH-53 'Pavelow' and two Blackhawks and two Apaches. Was fantastic , they flew over twice above 'Legerbasis de Troon' (Grobbendonk). What a hell of a NICE noise :P

Best regards: Yannick ;)

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it reminds me on the start of the war in iraq. ( think it was around the same period,only it was not for afghanistan)

the USA army had only permission to dock in the port of antwerp(3km behind our house :P )...I sleep on the attic so I waked up,heared a lot of noise,opened my roof window...
I saw at least 15 blackhawks making circles after eachother.And they flew pretty low..really it was a nice sight :D sorry for the off topic :P

you had many luck that day sn :P


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I know there are two Black Hawks based at EBCV Chievre. They are here for VIP transport.
This is the inside of one of these birds.
This the outside.

Regards Jorik

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