Entering within the jet blast range @ St-Maarten is over!

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Entering within the jet blast range @ St-Maarten is over!

Post by SN30952 » 23 Mar 2005, 19:12

Believe this or not: This is about St-Maarten's Airport:

Measures are underway to prevent any more injuries caused by the jet blast from low flying and departing aircraft, at Princess Juliana International Airport Operating Company PJIAE announced on Tuesday.

A Swedish tourist Maja Hartmann was injured by jet blast in May 2000.
Maja took PJIAE to court: claiming PJIAE had not given enough warning about the danger of jet blasts by omtting to put up warning signs alongside the Maho Beach stretch.

The Court held PJIAE responsible for that accident and ordered the airport to take measures to prevent these types of incidents in the future.

St-Maarten's Princess Juliana International Airport is featured on many websites* as facilitating unique landings due to its location right at the edge of a popular beach. Entering within the range of the jet blast is mentioned on some of these Websites as an especially exciting pastime.

:?: It took Court five years to decide on that.
Now, guys, do me a favour, find me these websites* :wink:

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Re: Entering within the jet blast range @ St-Maarten is over!

Post by sn26567 » 14 Jul 2017, 16:33

With reference to the recent death of a tourist blown by a jet blast on the fence (see article http://www.aviation24.be/airports/st-mart ... jet-blast/), here is the sign on the fence that calls for caution (and is ignored by most spotters anyway)

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