Aircraft Wheel Brake Temperatures

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Aircraft Wheel Brake Temperatures

Post by muhdafiq321 »

Hi, I am a student currently working on a project focusing on developing a new external brake cooling system and I wanted to clarify a few things in the aspect of brake temperatures.

Below is an image of an A320 Brake Temperature Cockpit Display which I found online and I would like to know what is the acceptable temperature for safe operation. In this case, it can be seen that the left-most wheel is overheated as indicated by the amber arch.
ecamwheel-2.jpg (77.77 KiB) Viewed 2520 times
I would like to know what are the acceptable brake temperatures for Boeing aircraft as well, as I couldn't manage to find it anywhere online.

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Re: Aircraft Wheel Brake Temperatures

Post by Magiktrix »

The following is for Airbus. The brake temperature limitation is only valid for take-off. Imagine you arrive somewhere, you brake, you have a short turn around. For the next take off your brakes must be below 300°C (295°C indicated),if passively cooled. If actively cooled by fans the limit goes down to 145°C. This due to thermal inertia and position of the sensor. Active brake cooling is always an option on Airbus. But its a must have on short turn around operations.

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