Question about wind!!

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Question about wind!!

Post by jaishnavpawala »

Tomorrow i will be flying from skopje to nuremberg with wizzair in 12 (noon) and just noticed there is yellow warning for wind on accuweather. What is the allowed maximum takeoff wind for a320. As you can see the runway is faced to North and it says there will be 30km\h N wind or NW.. ... 9847?day=2

Last time I was in the plane there was a storm and it was crazy scary. Should I expect the same thing? I am kind of afraid, like a lot.

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Re: Question about wind!!

Post by mdm »

No problem for a A320. Wind 10-12kt (17-20 km/h) from the nord but gusty, possible 20-25kt (35-47 km/h). Expect some tubulence in lower levels. Weather fair to partly cloudy.

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