GA flights to/from UK after Brexit

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GA flights to/from UK after Brexit

Post by PC12NG »

Maybe too early to ask at this stage, but does anyone have an idea on what to expect when flying to/from the UK after Brexit?
I think the topic will be relevant for a lot of GA pilots wanting to cross the Channel...
Probably filing the flightplan won't be enough.
Custom's procedures? Gendec? Who to contact?

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Re: GA flights to/from UK after Brexit

Post by jan_olieslagers »

It seems early indeed. But something tells me nothing much will change, certainly not on the UK side. Continent-side, some might want to make life even harder than it already is, but I do not think there is much room.

The UK was never in Schengen, so there will not be any change in the "handling" of persons. The UK have their own procedure, implemented with the so-called GAR-form, a mandatory declaration of flight through a standard procedure that can lead to inspection upon landing/departure, but reportedly it generally works very smoothly; and it can be applied at quite a number of airfields, even grass runways like Headcorn in Kent. On the continent, even today only aerodromes can be used that have immigration service active (often inaccurately termed "customs": customs officers inspect goods, and charge "tariffs", they depend on the Ministry of Finance; whereas people are checked by immigration staff, who are under "Interior afairs" - at least in Belgium. Other countries must be similar, though the terms may vary) so again, little change, if any.

Control on commercial goods is likely to be introduced, at least formally; but I still want to see the human resources assigned to implement it "for real".

The worst might perhaps be checks on the VAT status of the plane as such - this is already a point of controversy for N-reg planes in Europe, based or not; the controversy might well extend to G-reg planes in (what remains of) the EU.

My 0,02 € ...

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