Airframe related major components

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Airframe related major components

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I would like to know how are you searching for airframe related major components online. Are there some Webpages you are going to or would you type something(sertain PNR e.g. for thrust reverser 787) even in the Google search window for example?

And would you use a Webpage if you need a component (e.g. nacelle, thrust reverser, radome) and this Webpage would display worldwide real time pool of this components? If not, why not?

I'm thankfull for everyone who will take the time to comment my questions!!!

Many thanks in advance!!!!

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Re: Airframe related major components

Post by flightlover »

a little searching and I find this one as an example:
But in general I think you can compare it with any wholesale directed to specialists.

And maybe, once in a while, you will find some items on public auctions. But unless the correct and up to date papers are included in the lot you will not be allowed to install them on a plane that's meant to fly.

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Re: Airframe related major components

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Welcome to Aviation24 Dancala!


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