Etihad Business plan

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Etihad Business plan

Post by quixoticguide »

* Ethiad Business Plan *
-2020 be profitable
-Be a mid size airline with full service at low cost
-Focus on point to point pax and not no transit, with consequence on network destinations
-increasing economy seats on 320 fleet (refurbishing)
-Cargo will be only 777
-increase leg room seats (payable)
-renegotiating hotel contracts
-80 Engineers fired worldwide
-more strict on excess baggage at airport
-growing rate 2017-2020 will be 1%
-By 2019 no more 330s (6 going this year)
-380s and 787-9s that we have will keep the first class, new orders will be 2-Class
-mentioned as one of the safest airline of the world
-OTP 82,4% (best of all time, best of the region)
-start growing from April 2021 at 6% rate
-no recruitment in 2018
-very limited CUC in 2018
-Emirates secondment is at negotiation stage between the airlines
-unpaid leave will be given to pilots from 1 week up to 6 months in order not to lay off anyone
-120 pilots surplus in 2018
-no more 320 to 330 CCQs
-Transfer from airbus to Boeing will be only based on EY hours regardless of the fleet
-Four 350 to be delivered next year
-777X have been put on hold with Boeing
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Re: Etihad Business plan

Post by sean1982 »

If they can only barely keep their head above the water while being funded by their government with millions of dollars, they wouldn't even stand a chance in the real world. Yet this is where our European airlines have to compete against :roll:

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