EXIT signs on aircraft

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Re: EXIT signs on aircraft

Post by sn26567 »

Croatia Airlines A319 9A-CTI (how to say Exit in Serbo-Croatian :lol: )
ex Sabena #26567

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Re: EXIT signs on aircraft

Post by Homo Aeroportus »

sn26567 wrote:
16 May 2018, 18:24
Croatia Airlines A319 9A-CTI (how to say Exit in Serbo-Croatian :lol: )


Considering the little dispute they had a few years back with the Serbians, I think that in the Republika Hrvatska they prefer to refer to Croatian as their national language ;)

And while at it, though I could have waited till next Monday to post this in another topic, here is another marvel on signage :
Go Back.jpg
The intention was good for sure but ....


Phew, I did spell "but" correctly.
:lol: :lol:


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Re: EXIT signs on aircraft

Post by Sai »

Sai wrote:
02 Feb 2018, 00:18
Boeing 737 NG: classic EXIT sign
Boeing 737 MAX: :?:
Boeing 787: Green Running Man, however I saw a pic of a UA B787 with the classic EXIT sign
Airbus A 350: Green Running Man
Airbus A 320: classic EXIT sign
Bombardier CS 100: Green Running Man
Sukhoi SSJ: classic EXIT sign
Other: :?:
To add some of my observations to the list ;)
Bombardier CS 300: Green Running man
Boeing 737 MAX: classic EXIT sign
Embraer E-jet E2 switched to Green Running Man ;)

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Re: EXIT signs on aircraft

Post by CTBke »

It's up to the airline to choose for the global known green exit pictogram or the EXIT word written,

on Air Canada's 737MAX they still use the classic EXIT word

while Eurowings uses the green pictogram on their own A320's
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Re: EXIT signs on aircraft

Post by LouettaTapia »

I trust that the two markers are normally comprehended in all places the world. The word EXIT itself shouldn't be best English, yet additionally Latin and as an outcome genuinely normal. The fairway walking man moreover has a which implies that no one can overlook. In venture with the docs I found on EASA's web webpage my working out is that both (EXIT versus Representative flag) are approved by method for EASA, as long as it's continually utilized and satisfies every single distinctive kind of various norms, etc.

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