Germanwings - Eurowings future

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Germanwings - Eurowings future

Post by summersso »

Good afternoon all,

I've read contradictory information on the future of the Germanwings brand. Will it be phased out and entirely replaced by the Eurowings brand? As described here: ... d-earlier/

Or will Germanwings focus on intra-German flights, while Eurowings on flights from Germany/other bases such as Vienna, abroad? My initial understanding was the latter, but perhaps I'm mistaken.

Lastly, does anyone know whether Eurowings will have its own website and/or booking system? Flights are currently booked on

If anyone can shed any light on the issues, please do so!

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Re: Germanwings - Eurowings future

Post by KriVa »

As far as I know, the Germanwings brand will dissolve completely into Eurowings.
I can only imagine their website will change too, as soon as the Germangwings brand ceases to exist.

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