Brussels A319 Windows

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Brussels A319 Windows

Post by tangolima »


Can somebody help me? I am already looking for a while now to find which rows in the A319 of Brussels do have windows and which one not. I mean which rows have a complete window and which rows are really bad concerning outside view?

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Re: Brussels A319 Windows

Post by CaravanDriver »

The 2 complete infront have the best view :)

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Re: Brussels A319 Windows

Post by Inquirer »

As far as I have experienced it, every single row has at least 1 full window, sometimes even 2.
Anybody disagreeing on that, maybe?

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Re: Brussels A319 Windows

Post by yannicksairbus »

Seat 25 A has no window . The lavatory on this side of the plane is removed to have 3 extra seats... But not every of SN's A319 has 25 rows on that side of the plane
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