Flights Missing on Flightradar24com

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Flights Missing on Flightradar24com

Post by tsv »


Does anyone understand why some flights are not shown on this website from certain Airports whilst others are.

The best example I can give is the Superjet's flights from Batam (BTM), Indonesia. There is a Superjet based there but if you look at the arrivals and departures board from that Airport on you will never see it's flights listed. Also you will never find the Jet it in flight (or at least I haven't yet).

But if you type in the rego numbers of the 3 Superjets based in Indonesia (PK-ECL, ECM & ECN) you can see evidence of activity.

So what is going on? Is Sky Aviation an Airline whose flights are not recognised by some Air Regulatory Organisation or something?

I see that Red Wings of Moscow are operating again but their flights are not listed either.

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Re: Flights Missing on Flightradar24com

Post by Hayabusa »

Very interesting question there, same for the Spanish Lcc Volotea. I'd like to know as well who or what decides whether or not these flights/carriers are listed.

Cheers and merry Xmas

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Re: Flights Missing on Flightradar24com

Post by SilverJET »


Try using both codes, IATA and/or ICAO.

When I look some flights of EVA Air for example. I've noticed that, when I look for EVA (icao code), I can see various flights of EVA Air, except the one I need. When I search the same flightnumer, but I use its iata code (BR) the flight is plotted on the map.
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Re: Flights Missing on Flightradar24com

Post by hvs89 »

Maybe this page can answer partially your questions:

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Re: Flights Missing on Flightradar24com

Post by me109 »

I agree , I notice that I can not find some Fedex and UPS flights.

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