Return tickets for One way flights

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Return tickets for One way flights

Post by Mirror »


I was wondering many of you book for example a return flight instead of the one way segment. Usually return flights are a lot cheaper. If you just don't show up for your return will it give you any troubles if you book a flight with the same company later ?

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Re: Return tickets for One way flights

Post by Didymus »

Airliners don't like it, but there's not much they can do to prevent it.

You just have to make sure that the unused leg is the last segment on your ticket. If you don't show up for the first leg, the rest of your itinerary will be cancelled.

So no, you won't have problems next time you fly the same company.

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Re: Return tickets for One way flights

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Be careful anyway. AF which is financially in trouble (one wonders why :roll: ) gives you a warning in small print under Fare Conditions : "The fare is valid for a ticket used in full,...". I don't know what AF would do if you don't use the return flight coupon, but you're warned. ...

Network airlines want to look increasingling more like LCCs. So, it's high time they always offer one way fares that are more or less half the price of a return ticket, instead of quoting one way fares which are higher than return fares. And then, they wonder why they cannot compete with LCCs :roll:
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Re: Return tickets for One way flights

Post by eurojet »

as an occassional leasure flyer, you have no risk booking return and onbly using the first leg, I did it as well a couple of occassions and the savings are often big. On corporate level the story is different. I fly LUX-AMS-LUX at least 3 times a month (by car during the week it is an exercise that can last bewteen 3.5-8 houres). This is a 40 minute flight, that will set you for a day return to some EUR 660.00. For that, you fly in a historic F70, you get a glass of water and a coockie and if you are unlucky the taxi from the Polderbaan to the terminal in AMS is half of your flying time. I used to book a lot of cross-tickets (so with a weekend inbetween, using the legs at my leasure, this would set you for EUR 140 return) and a lot of returns where I took the Thalys to Brussels back, eg. Our travel agency refused to continue to do these bookings, since they got a call from KLM and they were threathened with commission reductions etc ... So yes, major companies track this behaviour and will intervene with your travel agent (which is still a service we use at corporate level)

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Re: Return tickets for One way flights

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I understand that the airline would rather sell you a more expensive ticket, but this way they get your money and don't have to do anything for it... They really should not complain.

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