Number of commercial airplanes

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Number of commercial airplanes

Post by phoenix28 » 07 Jan 2006, 11:07


Does anyone have an idea as to the number of commercial aircraft which are currently in operation world over. Also if anyone could provide a break-up of such commercial aircraft numbers based upon how far away they are from retirement. (Egs Aircrafts to be retired in 10 yrs.... Aircrafts to be retired in 5 yrs...).

I am also doing a study on the cost of cabin interiors, could anyone provide some source or info with respect to the average cost that goes into the interiors of lets say a Low cost carrier (which would comprise of seats, lavatories, lighting systems etc) and that of a legacy carrier
( which would comprise of seats, lavatories, lighting systems, galley equipment, IFE etc).

Appreciate your cooperation.

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Post by Sabena320 » 07 Jan 2006, 13:27

Maybe you can find some information here: ... temid=9647

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