Sabena OO-SGC Boeing 747 located

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Sabena OO-SGC Boeing 747 located

Post by luchtzak » 18 Mar 2005, 21:47

Received this mail today:
Finally we catch another glimpse of the ex-Sabena 747-329 OO-SGC, now
N3439F through this shot from Sven De Bevere, taken in Marana Arizona
(second from the bottom, between the UA 747-400 and the NW DC-10). This
aircraft never flew in commercial service since it's last flight on
Sunday, October 31st, 1999. It had since been ferried to Tel Aviv,
Tucson and now rests in Marana (at least better preserved than in humid
Belgian weather). Contrary what you may think, the aircraft is still in
the 'Combi' version. Thanks for the photo Sven,


Here's another one taken about 3 months earlier:

By the way...she's for sale. Anyone interested?


Joseph Dini
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Post by Avro » 18 Mar 2005, 22:11

Thanks for the post Bart.

This is really touching me :(

I flew on this plane (on the upper deck) between CVG-BRU on Aug 03 1999 just a few months before the retirement.
Those are memories I will never forget, but seeing this plane in the desert like that is very sad :(


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Post by William » 19 Mar 2005, 12:35

Oh my God ... look at that !!
These pictures are really touching !! ...
Look at all those beautiful planes !!

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Post by sab319 » 19 Mar 2005, 21:29

Maybe SNBA will choose this one to fly the extra africa services ;) (just joking)

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Post by Bruspotter » 12 Apr 2005, 14:58


Indeed very shocking and sad.....too bad....look how many 'jumbo's' NWA has there.....and than wondering why they have that few 747's :roll: .

Really too bad.....:(

Sab319, might be joking...but actually that's not a bad idea...maybe that's what I would do if I had an airline....only thing that would make me think twice.....the maintenance of the plane.... :roll: , the technics have lots of airbus experience now...and buying a 747 , would be more expensive (is my guess) because of the different spare parts than 330's could change to each other and to the different maintenance handling.... :roll:

But it would be a good choice...can't be really THAT expensive (?) , she's standing there already for almost 4 years . Really sad.:(

Best regards: Yannick ;)

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Post by B744skipper » 12 Apr 2005, 22:58

Ouch, as a huge B747 lover it really hurts to see so many of those magnificent birds sitting idle in the desert.... :(

But my eye has catched some Air Canada B744M's, that could be some nice aircraft to start an airline to Asia (China) with. I was thinking about some thinner routes (Hamburg - Shanghai?, considering they both have huge ports so one could carry plenty of cargo and people there), but since the B744M's can carry cargo one could also make profit there. Maybe we should start a luchtzak airlines topic, about starting an airline so that everyone can puts his of hers ideas, comments and critics there. :wink:

Anyone else some ideas when he/she's seeing all those birds sitting idle?

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Post by Advisor » 13 Apr 2005, 11:16

Thanks for the link bart
Aum Sweet Aum.

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Re: Sabena OO-SGC Boeing 747 located

Post by luchtzak » 24 Sep 2017, 10:18

Mid-september 2017 Bram Botterman went to visit Pinal Airpark, a boneyard for civilian commercial aircraft in Arizona, United States and spotted OO-SGC, one of the flagship Sabena aircraft known as “Golf Charlie”. The aircraft left the Sabena fleet in 1999, new owners tried to reconfigure her into a cargo aircraft but that never happened (unlike OO-SGD who is still flying as a Belarusian Transavia Export cargo 747). ... k-arizona/

Note: only webteam members are allowed to bring up 12 year old forum topics ;-) :D

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Re: Sabena OO-SGC Boeing 747 located

Post by 747329 » 06 Oct 2017, 00:38

Does anyone have additional pictures from OO-SGC?
I was the copilot on its last passenger (sight seeing-) flight on October 31st 1999, 1h30 of hand flying the plane with the best memories of my career so far, forever.

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Re: Sabena OO-SGC Boeing 747 located

Post by Flying Scout » 06 Oct 2017, 11:30

I have a scalemodel of this plane at home. Number 149 of 150.
But no real life pictures.

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