North Korea spotter tour

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North Korea spotter tour

Post by thf1963 »


I am going to run a spotter tour to North Korea in March 2007!
All permits have been issued already and we will surely get some unique shots there...

Visit my website for more information:

See you there,

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Post by sn26567 »

North Korea, from all places?

Good luck! Hope to see you back!
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Post by DAT202D »

Euh... i'm not quite sure you'll be able to take some pics :?

Anyway, if you manage, i'd sure like to see some ! Goodluck !

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Post by sunwing »

Wow, very interesting :shock:
I will take a look on your website and maybe I'll see you in North-Korea !

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Post by Advisor »

sn26567 wrote:North Korea, from all places?

Good luck! Hope to see you back!
My prayers with you.......
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Post by lastrow »

this is a pretty cool trip! congratulations! I think it will be pretty safe unless the Americans or any other nation starts war with North Korea in the meantime.

If you do not have an US American or South Korean background you should not experience any problems. North Korea is very interested in having tourism, because they earn a lot of money with this: usually, the tourists must pay "a companion" besides hotel etc. which is about 50-100 USD a day. This companion "serves you with questions and getting around".

I am BTW surprised by the very good schedule of the spotter tour in terms of spotter-friendlyness. That must be very cool. Do you have information how many people have booked this travel so far?


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