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by Elistratcox
25 Aug 2019, 07:13
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Topic: testpiloot gezocht
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testpiloot gezocht

Knap werkje dat pimpen.

Hoe heb je die masks gemaakt? Laten maken in een winkel met lasersnijder, of bestaat daar al een home toestel voor?
by Elistratcox
23 Aug 2019, 23:14
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Topic: New GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and
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New GDPR General Data Protection Regulation and Aviation24 be

Thank you for bringing up this topic I know that the current privacy policy that comes with the phpbb site is not sufficient to cover the GDRP regulations because my site is so customized. I am actually working with an attorney to work on writing a custom policy for my phpbb site. For example, the f...
by Elistratcox
22 Aug 2019, 21:32
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Topic: Brexit and British Airways, easyJet, Ryanair, et al.
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Brexit and British Airways easyJet Ryanair et al

Labour isnt off the hook here though - a lot of their support base supported Brexit and they are going to have to tread pretty carefully.