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by islandhopper
10 May 2019, 14:15
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Topic: Question for you commercial pilots!
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Re: Question for you commercial pilots!

Dear Jerryjones Welcome to this forum, As I am an Airline pilot now for 22 years and I still love my job, flying aircraft. I flew for several Airlines varying from Belgium ( where I still have my family and social life ) to other bases in Europe. As long you can have your family at your base it is a...
by islandhopper
01 Feb 2019, 15:16
Forum: Latest aviation news
Topic: Norwegian in 2019
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Re: Norwegian in 2019

Dear Paul
Do you mean this post from 2017 ? ... 2019-2020/

I think that Norwegian has other 'issues' to solve for the moment.

But would be great news if this would be considered !