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by pitrixplanespotting
18 Apr 2019, 19:12
Forum: Plane spotting - Belgium
Topic: BRU 18/04/2019
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Re: BRU 18/04/2019

wapo84 wrote:
18 Apr 2019, 13:01
ImageTUI Fly B757-28A(WL) G-OOBC by wapo84, on Flickr
Nice one :)
I was at the transitcentrum and saw it going to the TUI hangar.
by pitrixplanespotting
09 Apr 2019, 08:02
Forum: Latest aviation news
Topic: Ryanair in 2019
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Re: Ryanair in 2019

TLspotting wrote:
08 Apr 2019, 23:34
sn26567 wrote:
08 Apr 2019, 21:16
Buzz (the new name of the Ryanair subsidiary in Poland) took delivery of one B737-800, serial 44777, transferred from its parent Ryanair.
Can't wait to see a 737 in their livery :D
by pitrixplanespotting
04 Apr 2019, 16:08
Forum: Latest aviation news
Topic: Brussels Airlines' fleet renewal
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Re: Brussels Airlines' fleet renewal

Now you guys can say whatever you want, but I didn't expect another special livery with the integration into the eurowings group... Great news :o
BUT a bit strange, no?
by pitrixplanespotting
25 Mar 2019, 19:15
Forum: Latest aviation news
Topic: King Philippe in Korea
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Re: King Philippe in Korea

Why a white plane from Hy-Fly and not an Air Belgium with the national colours ? It's true that using the A340 with the Belgian flag colours would be a nice sight. Hi-Fly could have subleased the Air Belgium aircraft... Is the Hi-Fly A330 with the Belgian Defence livery not in service anymore? Or w...
by pitrixplanespotting
15 Mar 2019, 19:35
Forum: Plane spotting - Belgium
Topic: BRU 15/03/2019 TUI fly Belgium Boeing 737 MAX ferried in
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Re: BRU 15/03/2019 TUI fly Belgium Boeing 737 MAX ferried in

AarjenP wrote:
15 Mar 2019, 19:13
I never saw SP-MRF leaving? I missed it or still at BRU?
Still at BRU
by pitrixplanespotting
09 Mar 2019, 19:22
Forum: Latest aviation news
Topic: Airbus A330/A330neo news
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Re: Airbus A330/A330neo news

sn26567 wrote:
09 Mar 2019, 18:06
First flight of the first RwandAir A330neo (ex-Air Berlin) today.
Hum, beautiful, hopefully also to BRU :)
by pitrixplanespotting
04 Mar 2019, 09:36
Forum: Plane spotting - Belgium
Topic: BRU 04/03/2019
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BRU 04/03/2019

Level A332 EC-MYA inbound (ETA 09:47)
by pitrixplanespotting
03 Feb 2019, 16:52
Forum: Plane spotting - Belgium
Topic: BRU 03/02/2019
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Re: BRU 03/02/2019

KMwecare wrote:
03 Feb 2019, 12:38
Hello fellow spotters/ members,

Can anyone please tell me if the A332F of DHL, D-ALMA, will depart today and if yes, what time? Thank you
Did depart 16:09 Local time
by pitrixplanespotting
02 Feb 2019, 11:26
Forum: Latest aviation news
Topic: TUI fly Belgium Embraer E190’s nose wheel stuck next to taxiway at Antwerp Airport
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Re: Anomalies in BRU-ANR-CRL-LGG-OST in 2019

Euhm, what is an aircraft doing on a dead-end taxiway when it wants to take-off? :?

My guess: the pilots took the wrong taxiway, tried to turn but just ended up into the mud. I don't really see any other explanation? :?: