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by JustPlanes
06 Feb 2019, 06:36
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Topic: BRU Summer 2019: news, new routes, airlines
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Re: BRU Summer 2019: news, new routes, airlines

When you think of it you can kind of understand the logic of LH... SN is just too small to make it a global carrier.... if you take Swiss, they fly all over North America, South America, Africa and Asia (and they have Edelweiss to cover many routes Swiss doesn't operate), they are a global carrier a...
by JustPlanes
27 Jan 2019, 20:13
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Topic: Boeing 737MAX Go-Around
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Boeing 737MAX Go-Around

by JustPlanes
25 Jan 2019, 06:49
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Topic: Brussels Airlines in 2019
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Re: Brussels Airlines in 2019

I also want to say that I enjoyed reading the above article or editorial.... all very true... I just wonder if the people who gave Brussels Airlines away to Lufthansa had not learned anything from the Sabena/Swissair fiasco! I mean when you give/sell 100% of Brussels Airlines to Lufthansa doesn't th...