LVL320 Crew Training puts its first Airbus simulator into operation at Antwerp Airport


LVL320 Crew training is a new subsidiary of Skywings Flight Training, a flight school located at Antwerp airport. LVL320 focuses on crew training solutions such as MCC and APS MCC for flight schools and on skill care and screening preparation for qualified Airbus pilots. All the training will be provided on their brand-new static Airbus A320 type-specific MCC simulator.

LVL320 hopes to attract flight schools from all over Europe as a partner for the multi-crew training part of a professional pilot training. It provides accommodation and shuttle transport to and from Belgium’s major airports.

As aviation is going through challenging times and many pilots find themselves (temporarily) unemployed, LVL320 has also created a temporary special support program, called “A320 Pilot care” for Airbus pilots who would like to practice flying, procedures and emergencies.

During these training sessions they are coached by Airbus rated and qualified instructors. The offer is also valid for non-Airbus pilots who will be presented a small online introduction course on the basics of the Airbus A320.

Next to that, LVL320 offers interview and assessment training, where a dedicated team of psychologists and pilots will coach pilots in their job search.

June 26 2020


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