Simaero chooses CAE and acquires a brand-new A350 full-flight simulator


Simaero, a leading aviation training provider, strengthens its presence in the A350 pilot training segment by purchasing a new A350 FullFlight Simulator (FFS) from CAE.

The acquisition of CAE’s leadingedge A350 FullFlight Simulator

Simaero has ordered a brandnew CAE 7000XR A350900 FFS with the latest Airbus Training Standards. And to offer an enhanced customer experience, the future device will be equipped with a dual Head Up Display (HUD). This new simulator order is the first for the group in over a decade.

To meet our customers’ demanding requirements, we needed a highgrade fullflight simulator technology. Knowing the high fidelity and reliability of the five CAE devices we already operate, this acquisition was a logical next step to the close relationship we are having with them for many years, comments Damien Dabancourt, Simaero FSTD Manager.

Simaero extends its market presence to the A350 pilot training segment

With this acquisition, Simaero introduces a new widebody aircraft type to its simulator portfolio and confirms its position on A350 FFS pilot training capabilities. The group was already offering A350 pilot training on the two Air France A350 FFS near Paris CharlesdeGaulle Airport as part of its exclusive partnership with the French airline, but this new device will significantly expand its ability to answer A350 pilot training needs.

Like most of its fleet, the future simulator will be certified by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Simaero’s Approved Training Organization (ATO) will offer EASAapproved A350 typerating, CCQ, and CTR courses, starting this spring.

Being attentive to our customers’ growing fleet and the lack of adequate FFS capacities in
strategic locations, we have realised the need to offer additional training solutions on A350 FFS. Our new FFS and the associated bespoke pilot training programmes will help absorb the indisputable increase in demand during the coming years, affirms Nicolas Mouté, CEO of Simaero.

Global Airlines’ enthusiasm is already confirmed

Proof that this announcement meets a growing demand on the market, Simaero confirms
having already signed the first longterm contract with one of its key customers regarding the future simulator.

We are under discussion with other customers to sign exclusive deals on the A350 FFS, and we keep receiving inquiries from airlines around the globe, adds Lina Rutkauskiene, Commercial Director of Simaero.

This new device will be located in Simaero Paris Training Center and is expected to be fully
operational by the end of 2024.

February 2023, Paris, France


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