Daks Over Normandy (D-Day 75th WWII commemoration)

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75th Commemoration led by DAKS over Normandy

“Lest we forget”. Mark your Agenda as in June, a major 75th commemoration will be held for the D-Day, commemorating June 6th 1944. This impressive, massive logistics effort to commemorate D-Day will be one of the highlight of 2019.

“It marks the date on which almost 160.000 Allied troops stormed the Normandy beaches to start the liberation of Western-Europe. The assault was preceded by 24.000 troops who parachuted in or came by glider. The most important aircraft to support the airborne assault was formed by over 800 Douglas C-47 Skytrains (Dakotas). These winged work horses carried the brunt of all men into battle across the English Channel and may well be called the “Unsung Heroes”. In June 2019 the D-Day Invasion will see her 75th commemoration. It will most probably be the very last large commemoration of this historic day.” DAKS over Normandy Organisation reports.

The Event

DAKS over Normandy event is held in two locations: from 2 to 5 June at Duxford Airfield in the United Kingdom and from 5 to 9 June at Caen Carpiquet Airport in Normandy, France. “Both locations where carefully chosen because of their facilities and their infrastructure and because of their World War II heritage.” reports DAKS over Normandy.

Furthermore; “June 2019 provides us with the very last opportunity to organize Daks over Normandy and to honor those who have paid so much to liberate Europe. Daks over Normandy will be a once in a lifetime event. The skies over the United Kingdom and Normandy, France will be filled with Douglas DC-3/C-47 Dakotas and hundreds of Paratroopers. For the first time since World War II will this many of these magnificent aircraft be assembled in the very place where they saw their finest hour. From 2 to 9 June 2019 over thirty DC-3/C-47’s will come together. Their owners and operators fly them in from all over the Globe. From Scandinavia, The Netherlands and the rest of Europe, from Canada and the United States and even from as far away as Australia. All for what may well prove the very last time. Just so everyone can watch paratroopers jump over Normandy once more and admire these wonderful aircraft on the ground and in the air, where they belong.”

Source : AirshowStuff “Daks Over Normandy Promo – 75th Anniversary of D-Day C-47 Gathering”.

The historic route

Join the Momentum to celebrate this 75th Anniversary. DAKS over Normandy as released the historic route that the squadrons will take on June 5th, 2019.

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“At approximately 13.40pm on Wednesday 5 June, more than 35 Douglas DC-3/C-47s will take to the skies from Imperial War Museum Duxford.

Escorted by a number of World War II fighters, they will set course for Caen-Carpiquet Airport in Normandy. The planned flight will pass Colchester, Southend-on-Sea, Maidstone and Eastbourne before heading out over The Channel.

They will pass Le Havre and then the historic UK Drop Zone at Ranville, where the skies will be filled with paratroopers jumping round military parachutes, as they descend in honour of the troops who did the same 75 years ago.

The fleet will then descend on Caen-Carpiquet Airport around 16.45pm (FR time) where they will be on display on 7 and 8 June.”

The DAKS over Normandy detailed Program for June 2nd-8th 2019 is online.

You can order your tickets online for Duxford and/or Caen-Carpiquet Airport.

Besides attending the Event and sharing the news throughout your family and friends, you can also support the Organisation by :

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© Dakota 15th Wing Documentation Center (Research by Martin Gillet)

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© Martin Gillet

You can also see ‘up close’ the Dakota “Tico Belle” as seen during the 2017 Valiant Air Show in Florida, USA.


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