Do you remember? Kalitta Air Boeing 747 overruns runway at Brussels Airport


25th of May 2008: Kalitta Flight 207 was a cargo flight from New York-JFK to Bahrain (BAH) with a technical stop at Brussels (BRU). It carried 76 tonnes of cargo. The Boeing 747 was cleared for takeoff from runway 20 (a 9800 x 164 feet asphalt runway).

Kalitta Air Boeing 747 crash at Brussels AirportThe initial phase of the takeoff run was uneventful. The speed increased under a constant acceleration until one of the engine experienced a momentary loss of power. This phenomenon was accompanied by a loud bang, heard by the crew and external witnesses, and by flames, seen from the control tower.

The bang and the loss of power occurred around V1 speed. Two seconds after the bang, all four engines were brought back to idle, and braking action was initiated. The thrust reversers were not deployed. The aircraft came to a stop 300 m after the end of runway 20, above a railroad embankment. The aircraft was severely damaged; it broke in three parts. Read more @


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