VLM Airlines will operate flights from Antwerp to Birmingham, and to Maribor via Munich starting 12th February 2018


VLM Airlines will commence flights from Birmingham to Antwerp from 12th February. The airline will also fly from the same date two other new routes: Antwerp-Munich and Munich-Maribor (Slovenia). These new routes are to be added to the existing Antwerp-London City Airport route and the flights between Antwerp and Zurich, which will be operated from 22nd January. VLM Airlines is offering on all new routes one daily service in each direction with a Fokker 50 on weekdays. One-way fares are starting from EUR 59 (all taxes included). Seats can be booked via www.flyvlm.com from 10th January.

Karl Rickard, CEO of VLM Airlines stated: “VLM Airlines is very happy to connect Antwerp with Birmingham again. Antwerp is one of the largest seaports in Europe, the diamond capital of the world, the second largest petrochemical centre in the world. This thriving city is also known for its bold and diverse arts, fashion and culinary scene. A short ride takes you to other popular Belgian cities including Bruges, Ghent and Brussels as well as to Dutch cities such as Rotterdam and Eindhoven.”

Seats can be booked from 10th January via the online booking facility on www.flyvlm.com or with a travel agency.

New VLM route between Antwerp and Birmingham from 12th February 2018

 Route  Departure  Arrival  Flight days*
 Antwerp – Birmingham 12:00 12:35 12345–
 Birmingham – Antwerp 13:05 15:40 12345–

New VLM route between Antwerp and Maribor from 12th February 2018

 Route  Departure  Arrival  Flight days*
 Antwerp – Maribor** 10:10 14:20 12345–
 Maribor – Antwerp** 14:50 19:10 12345–

New VLM route between Antwerp and Munich from 12th February 2018

 Route  Departure  Arrival  Flight days*
 Antwerp – Munich 10:10 12:15 12345–
 Munich – Antwerp 17:00 19:10 12345–

New VLM route between Maribor and Munich from 12th February 2018 

 Route  Departure  Arrival  Flight days*
 Munich – Maribor 12:45 14:20 12345–
 Maribor – Munich 14:50 16:30 12345–

* 1 = Monday, 2= Tuesday, 3 = Wednesday, 4 = Thursday, 5 = Friday, 6 = Saturday and 7 = Sunday.
** including a short stop-over in Munich

8 January 2018


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