VLM Airlines rocks its management (again)


New CEO and managers at VLM Airlines

Hamish Davidson has been appointed as the new CEO of Antwerp airline VLM Airlines. He replaces Steve Blair. Two other new managers have been appointed, according to a press release from the company, where a social conflict is underway.

Davidson has a quarter century of experience in the aviation and financial sectors. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is currently chief operating officer of the Haitian airline Sunrise Airways. Before that he was manager at BAE Systems Asset Management, a leading lessor of regional aircraft to commercial aviation operators, an activity in which VLM also operates.

Claus Fischer and Werner Borchter also join the management team. Fischer is Vice President of Commercial Development and Borchter Vice President Operations. Both of them started at Olympic Air during a “successful reorganization,” says VLM.

Former CEO and current chairman Arthur White talks about strengthening the company “in all areas“, which “will provide a greater development of the business“.

There is a social conflict because the management wants wages of flight crews to decrease considerably for economical reasons. Recently it was also announced that two of the four routes from Antwerp will be cancelled due to lack of interest, but it was also announced that the airline would launch three new domestic routes in Germany.

Furthermore, VLM recently sold a number of aircraft and leased them back as a source of income.


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