VLM Airlines launches VLM “Pro Pass”, an unique product in the aviation industry


VLM Airlines recently celebrated its first year of being an independent airline again, launches an unique product: the VLM “Pro Pass”.

Today, VLM Airlines offers 7 routes. Four out of Antwerp; to Hamburg, Geneva, Southampton and Birmingham, one from Rotterdam to Hamburg and two routes from Waterford to Birmingham and London Luton. The VLM “Pro Pass” gives the possibility to buy 6 return tickets at once for a fixed price of € 1.499,- (or just £ 1.069,-) to be used on the entire VLM network, and € 898,- (or £ 649,-) to be used on the Waterford routes. The “Pro Pass” has the advantage that the tickets are bought at a very attractive fare. The tickets are transferable, which means that the customer can choose who uses the ticket and when; by family, friends,… which will make the “Pro Pass” highly suitable for our business customers.

We noticed that our passengers regularly fly on the same route. To offer them more flexibility, but with the VLM complimentary service they’re used to, we designed the VLM “Pro Pass”’, explains CEO Steve Blair.

The “Pro Pass” is unique because it is transferable, compare it with a multi-ride ticket for public transport’, concludes Blair.

The VLM “Pro Pass” is available via email: info@flyvlm.com.

Antwerp, December 3rd, 2015.


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